Feature Requests FTW!!!1

    • tmoenk schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 19. Nov. 2008, 0:23

    Feature Requests FTW!!!1

    Just thought I'd throw a few feature requests out there for the next version of Last.fm as we approach the midseason. :)

    Organizing of friends list based on musical tastes and similarity. I want to know which of my friends are listening to similar stuff.

    I've seen group radio suggested many times before. If this is implemented, my friends list should also be its' own form of group radio.

    Also, I want to know when one of my friends starts listening nonstop to one of my top ten artists. Some kind of notification system that we could opt-out of would be awesome! Paid subscribers are already notified when someone visits their page, so why not also when it seems a friend shares an obsession?

    Geotagging metadata for every scrobble! Up until recently Last.fm has been a stationary activity, but the web is quickly going geo! It would be awesome if Last.fm could take on elements of some of these mobile geosocial networks in order to further enhance the listening experience!

    -Charts based on location.
    -Music stations based on location. (City, neighborhood levels)
    -Music compatibility with a location.
    -New functionality for Last.fm Events
    -Proximity notification of nearby last.fm listeners via iPhone app (perhaps with a notification threshold setting based on compatibility)
    -Geotargeted ads!
    -Better analytics for artists and labels based on geography!!

    Heck! Why not even throw in heatmaps that shows an aggragate listening visual for each artist/album and user group? That would be totally awesome looking and would totally help me decide where in the world I should move to next!

    And if this is implemented, naturally FireEagle support. Which would be a good reason to implement oauth and why not throw in a little openid support as well! ;)

    • luizedu schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 25. Nov. 2008, 15:50
    I know it's hard to be done, but scrobbling the length of the song instead of the number of plays would be preety cool. For example, I can listen to 3 Godspeed You songs and 3 Black Flag's, but I've spent muuch longer listening GYBE.

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