Several occasional crashes in Beta 2.1.18

  • Several occasional crashes in Beta 2.1.18

    Hey there,

    I got crashing quite often with Version 2.1.8 (it was also doing this in 2.1.17). Sometimes all of a sudden, the Dialog apperas, trying to send the crashlog to (which always fails). There's no sign of anything, that is causing the crash. Sometimes it runs and scrobbles for hours, and sometimes it just crashes and crashes and crashes, even when there's no iTunes playing music.

    The Software itself still seems to run (and scrobble) after such a crash, so it's just annoying, not critical ;)

    Windows 7 Professional x64 German
    iTunes Beta 2.1.18 (Language: English), scrobbling set to "at 90% of the track".

    Anybody else having those crashes?

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