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JOIN OUR GROUP if you are an artist who deserve worldwide exposure ( less 5000 audioplay on Lastfm) - our a music and art lover who love to discover new talents and are willing to share with your...


.THIS GROUP IS DEDICATED TO new upcoming independent artists worldwide with less than 5000 audio plays on Lastfm
Welcome to our webradio dedicated to new independent artists of music and arts who deserve worldwide exposure - where music collaborate with art to increase the expression of creativity .
This groupradio is a Promotionradio and part of
our worldwide social community
who helps independent artists to increase their worldwide fanbase
Lestfm - Friends of Music and arts dedicated to GLOBAL PROMOTION
Our project is to creat a worldwide business for artists - free social media marketing and personalised services from Production to Distribution including artist merchandising and eventsharing - for independent artists
Collaboration of music and art to increase the expression of art creations
As artist of this groupradio we will help you to increase your fanbase on Lastfm
- as member of Lestfm - Friends of music and art we will increase your fanbase worldwide on myspace, facebook, youtube, .....
membership is free and you can join us easily with your google or yahoo e-mail

Friends of Music and Art had been founded March 2009 by a member of Lastfm - MIRACLEENETWORK
We are an on and offline network looking for partners for collaboration
Get supported by 45 groups to realise YOUR ARTIST PROJECTS , expose your radio on our radio platform, artists get more airplay
share your gigs with us, we promote your events
Lestfm - Friends of Music and arts is an woldwide platform where music collaborate with arts
It's an platform - Web 2.0 - of an promotion collaboration of independent artists worldwide

Join us and get promoted by our community worldwide

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