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Gegründet am: 24. Jun. 2007
You've heard it right, KONG is being resurrected. Time for us to show them we are all eating our feces out of pure joy for the come-back of the most enigmatic band of...

It all began with this post on the KONG website ...

MAY 2007 - After 7 years of silence KONG is stirring from its slumber. Late last year bassist Mark got an irresistible itch and began looking for fellow souls to revive the band. Guitarist Tijs Keverkamp signed up for the resurrection and so far this collaboration has resulted in a number of inspiring new songs. It's not yet sure who will fulfill the other vacancies nor if this will lead to KONG performing live again. But as it looks and sounds now a new album may arise sometime next year, unscrupulous and uncompromising as ever before. You are advised to consult this page again soon to hear samples of the state KONG is in...

...and it will all continue here, you will be updated with the most snazzy updates possible in the mysterious murky waters that is the KONG scene. Also this group will be a resort for people that are looking for more artists with a similar sound or some recognizable elements, even if that means they fall into some blues, experimental, psychedelic, space, or electronic genre, we just want some more delicious KONGness on our breakfast. And besides that, KONG needs our support, they only have 893 (October 2007) listeners on last.fm, and most of 'em don't even know KONG is resurrected, so spread the word, recommend similar artists and don't forget to check back now and then, you'll never know ...

(1990) Mute Poet Vocalizer
(1992) Phlegm
(1995) Push Comes to Shove
(1997) EARMINeD
(2001) 88 • 95
(2008) Demo

(2009) What It Seems Is What You Get

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