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Kerrang! is the world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine. You got the mag, you got the tv station and now (in the west midlands, uk at any rate) you got the radio station.
Rock on!
Thanks for joining, and remember - LIFE IS LOUD

Is that cheesy enough?

THIS WEEK: Free! WORLD EXCLUSIVE Iron Maiden tribute CD with this week's Kerrang! magazine which features reworkings of classic Maiden tracks by Black Tide, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Glamour Of The Kill, Coheed & Cambria, Devildriver, Sign, Dream Theater, Madina Lake, Gallows, Fightstar, Machine Head, Trivium, Year Long Disaster and Ghostlines!

Plus: HIM frontman Ville Valo answers YOUR questions, an EXCLUSIVE track by track report of Slipknot's new album, All Hope Is Gone, with frotnman Corey Taylor, Unearth team up with Killswitch Engage, The Bronx rock Texas, Iron Maiden rock Twickenham and Scars On Broadway rock London, the A-Z of Rage Against The Machine, Noodles from The Offspring faces The Random Question Generator, Seether go from broken relationships to suicide attempts to rehab, Introducing The Banner, the songs that changed Sam McTrusty from Twin Atlantic's life, Soulfly's new album Conquer gets the official K! verdict, we look back at the career of High On Fire mainman Matt Pike, Elliot Minor get ready to rock the UK and Down's Pepper Keenan tells us the last time he was high.

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