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  • Matsumoto Jun New Drama :) SMILE (スマイル) (:

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    :) SMILE (スマイル) (:

    Matsumoto Jun'un yeni dizisi 17 Nisan'da başlıyor. Her cuma 22:00 da yayınlanacak olan dizide Matsumoto, Hayakawa Bito adlı yarı Filipinli bir genci canlandırıyor. Bito'nun babası ölmüştür ve annesi de ortalarda yoktur. Bir çok talihsiz olay yaşamasına rağmen hayata pozitif bakabilen her zaman gülümseyen biridir. Mishima Hana bir kaza sonucu konuşma yeteneğini kaybetmiştir ama hayatı neşeli bir şekilde yaşıyan genç bir kadındır.


    Matsumoto Jun- Hayakawa Bito
    Aragaki Yui - Mishima Hana
    Nakai Kiichi - Ito Kazuma
    Koike Eiko - Machimura Shiori
    Tokuyama Hidenori - Kawai Kinta
    Suzunosuke (鈴之助) -"Bull" / Kazama Kenji
    Kitami Toshiyuki - Detektif Furuse
    Ikeuchi Hiroyuki - Kashiwagi Keisuke
    Katsumura Masanobu - Kashiwagi Keisuke
    Maeda Gin - Machimura Sosuke
    Ishida Ayumi - Machimura Midori


    Watch here for the preview :

    # Title (English): Smile
    # Format: Renzoku
    # Genre: Romance
    # Broadcast network: TBS
    # Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-17 start
    # Air time: Friday 22:00
    # Theme song: Ariamaru Tomi by Shiina Ringo

    Synopsis: Hayakawa Bito (Matsumoto Jun) is a youth who is the child of a Filipino father and Japanese mother. His father dies and his mother goes missing but he weathers these unfortunate circumstances and his troubles about his race and background with positivity and a smile. Mishima Hana (Aragaki Yui) is a pure-hearted girl with a sunny smile in spite of her loss of speech as a result of some incident.

    Source & Credits to : Dramawiki
    The child of a Filipino father and Japanese mother, Hayakawa Bito is a striking young man with a complex about his background although he always smiles. Mishima Hana, a girl with a warm, sunny smile, for some reason suffers from speech loss. And Ito Kazuma is a showy lawyer who has a refreshing smile that’s like a gust of wind. There are hidden secrets and pasts beneath those smiles and hurt unites the three of them. Their meeting seems to be guided by fate and the three of them fight to overcome their difficulties with smiles, among other things …

    One day, Bito helps Hana when she is in trouble. Bito is fascinated by her brilliant smile. Several days later, Hana joins the company that Bito works at and the distance between the two of them closes. At that moment, Bito is wrongly suspected by the police. He meets Kazuma as a result of this incident but soon gets caught up in a situation that causes wide repercussions in society …

    Matsumoto Jun as Hayakawa Bito
    He works at Machimura Foods by day and by night he works part-time at a dining bar. The child of a Filipino father and Japanese mother, he has a complex about his background but he is cheerful and always smiles. He has a dream of owning a restaurant that serves man types of international cuisine.

    Aragaki Yui as Mishima Hana
    A high school student who for some reason suffers from speech loss although she always has a brilliant smile. She develops a good impression of Bito when he helps her just as it seems she is being mistaken as a shoplifter. After her graduation from high school, she doesn’t go on to further her studies but decides to find employment and starts working at Machimura Foods.

    Nakai Kiichi as Ito Kazuma
    A lawyer and the head of Ito Kazuma Law Firm. He is showy person who follows fads and always wears a wolfish smile. When something happens, he pushes the tasks to Shiori and doesn’t bother to work. However, in times of need, he proves to be exceedingly charming as a lawyer who can be counted on.

    Koike Eiko as Machimura Shiori
    The daughter of Machimura Sousuke and Midori. A rookie lawyer working at Ito Kazuma Law Firm. Her mentality is the exact opposite of her mother’s and she is quite a pragmatist.

    Maeda Gin as Machimura Sousuke
    The company president of Machimura Foods. He supports Bito, who also works part-time at night. He lets people work as his employees no matter what past they may have and has a very big heart.

    Ishida Ayumi as Machimura Midori
    The wife of Machimura Sousuke who runs Machimura Foods all by himself. She always tells his employees that it is important to have dreams. She worries about Bito and the other employees and stands by them.