Concert Experiences

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    • 3. Okt. 2004, 21:52

    Concert Experiences

    Quoth PurpleTentacle:
    I was lucky to see JZ live in concert 3 times: once with Painkiller, the Naked City reunion concert in Amsterdam and once with Electric Masada. Hope he returns to the Netherlands soon. Anyone else want to share JZ concert experiences (perhaps in another topic?)

    There u go! ;)

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    • 3. Okt. 2004, 21:54
    By the way... I've only been able to see John Zorn once, this year. It was with Electric Masada. I've only been a pretty serious Jazz fan for a couple of years now... so I wasn't even aware that he existed until a year and a half! And from that time till now, he only came to Portugal once, unfortunately.
    But I do hope to see A LOT more concerts!
    The Electric Masada was one of the best concerts I've ever been too.... absolutely fabulous!
    Feel free to share your concert experiences! :)


    As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency.
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  • Re:

    I had bought a ticket for Zorn/Bailey/Mori performance at the Victoriaville Actual Music Festival. Sadly, Derek Bailey got hurt and the show was canceled.

    So much for my Zorn experience.

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    • 21. Jan. 2005, 23:10

    Re: Re:

    I went to the Naked City reunion concert in Amsterdam last year. Wow. :-)

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    • 23. Jun. 2005, 12:44

    hi guys

    Hi all, I am lucky to live in NYC where Zorn is fairly easy to catch. My favorite JZ performance has been a rendition of "Cobra" as part of the big 50th birthday celebration at Tonic. (He was doing the cues, not playing.) It was so effing brilliant and exciting. We need a Cobra DVD.

    I've also seen Masada and a lot of the Classical pieces, if that counts. "Le Momo" (for violin and piano) was particularly amazing - it's the aggressive and brilliant like the Zorn improv you already know.

    My least favorite part of seeing him has been listening to him do preconcert talks before "Classical" concerts. Sometimes (when his friends are in the audience) he is really very cool, but I've also seen him do it in less comfortable situations and he just degenerates into self-parody, saying outrageous stuff just to ham it up.

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