• O'o

    John Zorn: O'o [#7376]
    Named for an extinct Hawaiian bird whose delightful song will sadly never be sung again, O'o is the exotic follow up to The Dreamers, one of Zorn's most popular and appealing musical projects. Featuring the same dynamic band of masters from Zorn's inner circle, O'o presents twelve more lyrical and adventurous instrumentals combining world music, surf, exotica, soundtracks, easy listening, minimalism and more into a fabulous and exciting new music. Beautifully packaged in original artwork by Chippy, this is charming and adventurous music passionately performed by a downtown super group.

    • sm4ears schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 29. Mai. 2009, 3:28

    better than the Dreamers

    I was at the concert when Zorn & his band premiered the material in NYC earlier this year. Great stuff! Much better than the Dreamers, IMHO, which I thought was rather disappointing...

  • I really hope it's better than The Dreamers. It still grows on me and now it's alright, but when it came out I thought it was really bad.

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