Denise Brigham in 2010 Grammys

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    • 28. Sep. 2009, 16:40

    Denise Brigham in 2010 Grammys

    Denise Brigham and her new album HOTEL LAFAYETTE were accepted and are on the 2010 Grammy nominating ballots that were just mailed to Academy members. HOTEL LAFAYETTE is one of only 32 accepted to compete for the best standards album, and it is also up for arranging, engineering and production. Denise is in one of the top artist categories as well.

    The Grammys are the highest form of recognition an artist can achieve because they are awarded by fellow artists and not based on sales. Denise is proud to be a member of the Recording Academy and is thrilled to be included in this year's awards process. She wishes to thank all fellow NARAS members for their consideration and hopes her orchestra and technicians will be honored with a nomination.

    Denise Brigham
    Hotel Lafayette

    Always follow your dreams!
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