What exactly makes you disgusted about "modern world"?

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    • 28. Okt. 2008, 23:16

    What exactly makes you disgusted about "modern world"?

    It's quite strange there was not such a topic till now. I would like to know what makes you uncomfortable/angry/sick when it comes to the matters of this modern society and globalized world?

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    • 6. Nov. 2008, 14:49
    People. Too many people. Too many of those goddamned braindead assholes.
    What this world needs most is an annihilation of the majority of mankind, and a fine alternative in the form of people of quality instead of the common masses of idiots who breed other idiots non-stop and rape everything that is worth living for. When I look upon a mass-production NY-type of city, I don't think that the problem is with industrialization –– modern technology can and should be used for good –– but that it is with the fact that we have got to house billions of people. 90% of these people contribute nothing, they're merely shutting themselves within their materialistic passiveness. How could one NOT be disgusted seeing the mindless hordes who are the slaves of our manipulative government, who are there around every corner, on every doorstep, on our doorstep?

  • I agree with some points, but I'd like to ask what do you mean with "contribution". I mean: people in every era has been manipulated with different powers (religion, politics, new needs, media, propaganda and so on), and basically is not a today problem, as human mind has been manipulated from the beginning of time. It's a part of our nature after all. I think the extra population is actually a problem, but I think a lot of us simply react with passiveness because of the heavy of life: in face of the entire history and the rest of population our singular life is looking worthless, even if not. Regarding the thread the most disgusting thing for me is the fact that the progress was apparent. Positivism fucked us. We was betrayed by the promise of a better life quality, the reality has been that new tools bring us to new needs. And so the worst thing for my opinion is that the game is always the same: we born, grow, fuck, calve and die.

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    • 7. Nov. 2008, 6:53
    'Contribution' as in the opposite of modern passiveness. We are taught to sit back and to live our lives in a little fantasy world instead of dealing with our real problems. Take TV for example. I myself only turn mine in order to see the relics of what was once a cultured television, a remnant of something that does not reek of our hideous "MICHAEL JACKSON PARIS HILTON JAY LENO MARTHA STEWART MICHAEL JACKSON PARIS HILTON JAY LENO MARTHA STEWART" pop culture. Basically, TV is a device designed to brainwash us according to the interests of those who pull the strings behind its virtual curtain. Parents teach their children to sit back and watch TV instead of teaching them some important, constructive values, or, heaven forbid, tell them that it's a real world waiting for them outside the 42″ box. No matter how many smiles and rainbows the child sees on that screen, he is, in his naïveness, being manipulated, his mind torn apart and remade according to the capitalist interests of the TV businessmen, and this degeneration is not only mental but physical as well, with McDonald's and our modern couch potato "be happy and let the Democrats do their thing for your own good" mentality. This is so goddamn Orwellian but no one seems to give a fuck, no one seems to shout "free your mind". By 'contribution' I mean the positive work of one whose mind is free of pop culture media trash, who does not only live in order to come back home from work and turn off his brain by watching TV unlike billions of others, who realizes that if we live in a society then we should repay our debt to its many benefits by bettering it for the future generations with culture, art, wisdom, heroism, beauty –– about everything that is opposed to the sick, capitalistic, cowardly, braindead zombie values of the modern world. I'm disgusted with the modern world because whereas in ancient civilizations every person set himself goals of self-improvement (e.g. the ideal man in the eyes of the ancient Greeks was a combination of an athlete and a philosopher) –– in our globalist-corporationist-multiculturalist-poppy modern world, every child aspires to be a big fat New York businessman like his daddy, selling useless consumer goods to the masses, eating junk food at McDonald's, watching TV all day long, and doing it all while raping our world over and over, and again, and again... it's fucking disgusting.

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  • I agree with you. I think however that any era got no-inspiration men. The fact is that brainwashing in this days is more subtly-violent, more hidden maybe but I'm not really sure if this is the correct word. I think that a problem is that not so many people this days teach important humanistic/psychological topics, such as critical thinking or self defence about brainwashing. Too bad :(

    The other great problem of this century for my opinion is the fear of the future. We don't build ourself as done in the past because of the fear of no-future (mass media related, in a great part, and also a problem).

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    • 8. Nov. 2008, 7:00
    Of course. I'm not saying that ancient societies were all fluffy pink and perfect, neither am I saying that EVERYTHING about our modern society stinks. Naturally, it's not that black and white. But there is still the fact that our modern world is culturally, spiritually, mentally, physically, ecologically etc. much more fucked-up than traditional societies, as they were recorded in history, with all their flaws. Our society is now made up of confused, sick, passive people with no ability to do great things, to be "life-affirming". The flame of mankind, which was once great and dynamic, is now more dead than ever.

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  • I agree with you. Kultur become always Zivilization in every country. It's seems sad, but is the circular trend of every society.

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    • 15. Nov. 2008, 18:25
    What exactly makes you disgusted about "modern world"?

    People, and their stupid system. As tkonfm said there too much people and most f them is just stupid mass controled by stupid culture. They interest just in sex, celebrities, shopping and other like like things. And they made economic system what is evil as well. You need spend your life just working and all your money spending to survive in this mad world... And any satisfaction for that. And they allways want sometihnig for you - why you are so ugly, why you are so not like others, why you not smiling. "Are you ok? - yes i'm perfect" when you totally aren't but none wants to hear that. Why it's impossible to live by self-pleasure not to serve to the system. Nowdays there no requirement for any dictartoship because pop-culture and capitalism is the system which rules better that any regime. And most of people are happy about that. Even if you'll be lucky to escape from that mad society somewhere to countryside, monutains o forests they will find you to pay bills or to do any thing. I really envy for ancient nations or today "wild" tribes because they live simple live and don't serve to anybody...

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    • 19. Nov. 2008, 21:57
    What makes me disgusted at the 'modern world' is the retarded 'modern' mentality. There's no such thing as personal responsibility, everything is someone else's fault and if something takes effort or commitment it's not worth doing; if something is challenging and difficult, don't bother with it, lest you look like a moron in front of your friends.

    People don't even bother to have real opinions about anything, why should they? Because, apparently, all opinions are equally valid! If you think that someone might be talking horseshit you're just being closed-minded! But if you must have an opinion, make sure it's 'unique.

    And, of course, it's much better to pull other people around you down to your level of ignorance and stupidity than to actually achieve something.

    I hate mindless entertainment like television; television has no use other than to propagate anti-intellectualism from what I can see. Spend time discussing which popular celebrity is fucking who if you want to be 'in the know'. If something intimidates you, or you don't understand something, attack it as 'elitist'.

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    • 23. Nov. 2008, 11:17

    Re: What exactly makes you disgusted about "modern world"?

    What exactly makes you disgusted about "modern world"?
    People, all aspects of people. People and their stupid talking. People and their stupid behavior. People and their stupid thinking. The amount of people.

    The world would be a better place without humans.

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    • 26. Nov. 2008, 22:02
    …and still members of this fucked up wannabe-society dare to call themselves the "best creation of the Nature".

    I can't even say how angry I am because of that.

    I think I have nothing more to say. You all have essentially phrased my opinions on the matter. In fact, Pestbrand said it quite nice:
    "People, all aspects of people."

    So, thank you, thanks to all of you.

    I am going to write a book… someday, to bring together all the facts and all my thoughts.

  • A few LSD experiences helped to strengthen this belief.

    I do not have time to go more in depth, but perhaps tonight.

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    • 7. Dez. 2008, 13:00
    I wrote something about modernity and posted it on blogger. I have to admit that I feel like a hypocrite, and I think that all of us should feel slightly unsure of expressing anti-modern thoughts on the internet...but, that's understandable to a certain extent. "We're all hypocrites and failures" as Wolves in the Throne Room said in an interview.

    My Article

    for those of you who have the time to read this...

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  • "We gave them feelings - what did they sense?
    Shout out the world and put up a fence!
    We gave them science - what did they do?
    They built a bomb and they used it too.
    We gave them reason - what did they learn?
    Warmed up the planet and made it burn!
    We gave them art - what did they make?
    Nuclear weapons for their own sake!
    We gave them insight - what did they see?
    Degrade the noble, enslave the free!
    We gave them wisdom - what did they teach?
    Destroying all that's within their reach!
    We gave them language - what did they say?
    They put the planet in disarray!"-Ayreon
    Do I need to say anything else?

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    • 25. Dez. 2008, 22:43
    To be more especific, i'd say that, for all i know about history, i'm disgusted not only with the "modern world", but as well with human beings all along history.

    Aside from pre-historic periods (which i dont know very well), i never saw a period where humans could live together, without having to harm the ones of their kind for their own purposes. Egyptians, Incas, Vikings, Capitalists, Real Socialists, etc, none of the civilizations could live in harmony, i mean, it's obvious that they could not live in harmony, disagreements will always exist, everywhere, but, comparing with irrational animals, humans didn't fight for food or territory, they killed and enslaved and tortured themselves to have control among others, to show how powerful they could be, to terrorize, and so on.

    I think the way human kind grew is something that shouldn't have happened. I mean, we evolved to beings that only care for our own things without noticing what we are doing to other species, we're destroying this planet and everything else, soon we will have absolutely nothing (to kill, to destroy, to love, to admire...).

    Mentioning the modern society, i think we're lost, important values of conviability, preservation and intelectualism have been lost. Saved very rare occasions, acts like discuss other people's lifes, make retard things just to call attention and idolate imbecility and low life are completely useless and won't add nothing of useful to society. The worst of it is that the ones in power do and won't do ANYTHING to change this state of misery that society has become, after all they are the ones who profit with all this.

    I expect i could be clear in what i think, i don't write something like this in English in times, sorry for any mistakes.

    The brightest light always hide the darkest shadow, so
    Even if we find the gold at the edge of the rainbow,
    what's left?

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    • 27. Dez. 2008, 3:53
    I agree with a large majority of what has been previously been stated in this thread. I despise the ignorance of humans. We attempt to put ourselves apart from animals despite the fact that we give in to impulse, greed, and other qualities that we associate with animals. We fail to learn from the mistakes of the past and to follow the successes of the past. Humans have degenerated to the point where the majority does not have the ability to think for themselves and are led around like sheep by manipulative leaders who care for nothing but their own interests. Modern society is, in my opinion, no different than a herd of cattle. The humans that can think for themselves are often overpowered by the ignorant "army" of society's "leaders". A large portion of these people who can in fact think for themselves are perverted by the common culture and become manipulative, corrupt, and ambitious (not in a good way). People are willing to criticize and complain, but they are too fucking lazy to get off of their asses and rectify their own problems. I also do not understand why a uneducated, poverty-stricken couple would want to have multiple kid when they can neither afford to feed them nor educate them. This only populates the world with more and more ignorant cattle. People have begun to rely on the charity of others when they more than likely have no genuine reason to ask for help because they have contributed absolutely nothing to society. Humans have the potential to be so intelligent, but very few actually achieve that potential. People have become lazy because they think that modern technology will do everything for them, but they have forgotten that these technological advances were made by the hard work of people that CAN think. Unless there is an occurrence which drastically changes the modern human's thought process (which is unlikely), humans should start counting the days until our demise as we are already slowly destroying ourselves. I could continue to rant, but I am tired and what I have already written probably makes no sense as I was fighting back sleep while typing it.

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    • 27. Dez. 2008, 23:16
    I agree on many points, stated above. For me it's people as well. Modern values, that are adopted in order to cover the fear of each other and of everything around, the total hypocricy, the money-oriented society... The fact that everyone around is so brainwashed, and is playing different roles so hard, that you can hardly find anyone to talk to without a fit of misanthropy.

    The fact that there is hardly any virgin nature left is also unacceptable for me.

    I really hope that the Earth will clear itself. In my opinion several thousands of people for te entire people would be quite enough. Being very far from each other, and not having any technical means would probably teach the survivors something...

    Spiritual life is what humans need, spiritual life in harmony with nature. But for now I see that impossible... too many people.

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    • 22. Jan. 2009, 14:30
    I hate the fact that everything in this MODERN world revolves round money. I'd say animals in the wild have better lives than us who are chained amidst concrete blocks. This modern world is making us forget the simple wonders of life. In our quest of chasing time for money we devoid ourselves the simple yet beautiful events in nature. I hate that I am no longer able to catch up with simple things like the sunset, or the twilight or even the night sky. With so much of pollution ..the sky is never clear. Thanks to the MODERN world .We would need magnifying glasses to find true people in MODERN mediocre society of hypocrites. We struggle to live.We struggle to make money.Life isn't about struggling. Life isn't about making money. Life is about exploring; Exploring nature and truths of nature.This MODERN world is making us really forget the very essence of life. Technology is a good thing but not at the cost of causing a permanent damage to the ecosystem.This materialistic thinking sickens me. I really neeeeeeeed some fresh air .:|

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    • 25. Jan. 2009, 17:19

    A) Capitalism.
    B) Ecological problems.
    C) Authoritarism.
    D) Wars.
    E) Religion.
    F) Too much technology.
    G) Lack of contact and balance with nature.
    H) Animal torture.
    I) Homophobia.
    J) Racism.
    K) Sexism.

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    • 28. Jan. 2009, 20:19

    Age of Qualm.

    esa_es_la_chica said:

    G) Lack of contact and balance with nature.
    H) Animal torture.
    I) Homophobia.
    J) Racism.
    K) Sexism.

    It seems that you are confused.
    "Lack of contact with nature"? I'd say that Homophobia, Racism and Sexism are manifestations of the mosaic characteristics nature has given the Human Race, through evolution and Natural Selection. And yet, the modern folk (talk-show-educated and cliché-oriented) still believe the anachronistic egalitarian values sold to them by pallid dreamers, who bloat of moronic idealism. All these 'great' men and women who are called 'leaders', 'public figures', 'intellectuals' etc, are mostly descendants of people from the bourgeois world. Indeed, they were born to fools with a featureless mask of "quality"* and with excessive time and a higher-than-average or an average salary, to inherit them and perhaps to expand their "hold" of this world. Other human beings who climbed up the ladder, descendants of those "unfortunate" creatures who had little to brag of, are the outcome of the remorseful and defeatist attitude shown in such notions as 'politically correctness' and 'affirmative action' towards the 'weak'; usually immigrants from what we now call "the third world" but also simpletons from the indigenous race/ethnic group/nation of people who founded a nation-state and were given the CHOICE to live as idiots.
    Some of the 'public figures' of our epoch were anointed by the priests of ignorance of the self-righteous media and thanks to the dumbness and ass-like mentality of parasites and lazy complainants belonging to the lower-middle-class or the 'blue-collar' strata. I must remark that this kind of behavior is not rare eveb typical within the higher socio-economic classes.
    To further deepen for the sake of clarification regarding the economic classes of our days, I must say that the classification of society of we use in this era while meditating over contemporary subjects, is being is differentiated levelly (meaning; according to the hierarchy of the classes) only by wealth and possessions (buying more accessories is a luxury provided by the amount of money you have and spent).
    Possessions and the pursuing of them effects only the practical aspect of human "materialistic-behavior" of a specific social strata, but not necessarily the intellectual behavior .In other words, the predominant material culture of a certain nation is being shared by all the populace; meaning that an inferior culture is the estate of almost every citizen with a few exceptions of course that we could find in almost every epoch in the History of our race; the truly "transcendent" ones, but we rarely find people who are worthy to be mantled with this splendorous epitaph in our epoch. Interestingly enough, the hedonistic and liberal culture we can now find in almost every western nation-state, shared by the whole world through the vassalage of Globalism to its' conquering liege (the liege's identity is not a veiled one).
    The new socio-materialistic world order created after WWII thanks to the abandonment of God, the rise of the Scientific method and the 'blessed' hedonism (that psychologists, sexologists and lampoons alike hail so warmly) is why we can say that it is because of modern (or modern variants of) phenomenons such as "Homo-philia", Feminism, Multiculturalism and Inter-racialism, the opposites of the phenomenons quoted by myself, that this world will reach its' epilogue or "Kali Yoga" if you'd like...

    I feel this relatively long preludium had reached its end. Now I will treat the subject 'Ad Ram'. Let us see how Homophobia, Racism and Sexism are actually a part of nature engraved within us.
    Let us begin with Homophobia. Say a homosexual creature is born, grows up grotesquely to reach his adulthood; fertile enough to mate with an individual of his own kind so that his off-springs would carry his genes. But...ALAS! HE'S HOMOSEXUAL. Now, for the sake of argumentation I'll let you depict this homo, fueled with testosterone in a very natural and stark reality trying to find someone to mate with...while an angry horde of males, probably stronger than him, drive him off...because he tries to mate with one of them or with all of them. The creature cannot mate, he's driven away from his own kin and even if he would find a spouse with a similar sexual orientation - they might be happy humping each other, but after they die - there would be nothing left of them genetically, their genetic engravings will be lost in the long and serpentine path of Natural Selection. Science renounces that because of the secular-humanistic approach Academicians world-wide embraced so blindly and even reluctantly (After WWII, dare any enlightened man dispute that humanism is the right and objective way to act and react according to? no.). Now, those of you with a spicy mind should have noticed that even though I declared that a Homosexual organism isn't compatible with the natural Heterosexual atmosphere, I never said Homosexuality doesn't exist in Nature. Therefore I must clarify what is homosexuality according to nature and I shall do so using a metaphor: A broken leg isn't a naturally physiological situation. We wait until the fractured bone knits, so that we can function naturally once more. Yet, this unnatural state exists. But, naturally, we wait that it will once more 'fit' into what is seen by us as a healthy and normal state physiologically and hence - biologically. We can say this about almost every kind of illness. However, homosexuality is like more like a permanent paralysis rather than a seasonal or a temporary illness.

    The same method by which I have examined homosexuality can be used to explain other phenomenons which the user above me mentioned. Regarding that I must say: Racism in contrary to the subjects of homosexuality or Sexism, judging from a natural perspective is a complicated matter and the answer we must engross more seriously before recessing it into our mind.


    We can only hope that after these horrific years end (and one should condition it with a bloating "if" and ask "when?"), the spirit of heroism and adventures will once more enchant the hearts of the merit; since a good portion of the throng is foredoomed.


    * It is featureless since social strata, speaking from a social-economic perspective, doesn't give an indication as to how intelligent are the people belonging to it, not in our age... of qualm).

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    • 3. Feb. 2009, 12:06
    Truly disgusting opinions.

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    • 7. Feb. 2009, 17:32
    As most of you said . Too many people.
    All this modernism which we see around us. All inventions from 19th century until now,
    also. boring religions make me disgust world.
    Well wait a second . Religions , wars , plagues and all other things helped to keep the balance of people ,but slaves of bible and other ugly books won. We need to bring back this balance .We can't . New technologies whould destroy our precious Earth .

    Life was good before christ ...

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    • 12. Feb. 2009, 13:05
    - Overpopulation
    - Moral decay
    - Political correctness
    - Multiculturalism
    - Effeminacy of modern men
    - Materialism
    - Democracy

    I don't feel like writing an essay right now, so I'll just stick with the bullet points

    • Froscik schrieb...
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    • 21. Feb. 2009, 0:59
    Hmm... some things more, some less. More:

    - Socialism
    - Democracy
    - People as "one big stupid mase"
    - Mass-media
    - Hypocrisy
    - Christians

    Hmm... that are only few things that makes me angry. Socialism, democracy and hypocrisy = one thing. Christianity (in present form) is the most stupid and devious religion. Ech... Theres just too many things and not many words to express it. Aaa forget it :/ ^^

    Burn your local church!
  • peoples inability to understand the true message of religion: Don't be an asshole.
    their inability to think for themselves
    the urge to be politically correct all the time
    capitalism in its present form
    extremists who claim that all problems stem from one thing and the only way is to destroy it by any means possible
    the hopeless
    racist black people (they exist!)
    racist white people
    racist anything really
    mass media
    ignorance and we are all guilty of this one
    and the lack of compassion in so many people

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