I'd be lost without Explosions in the Sky!

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Would you be lost without Explosions in the Sky,do you watch the sunrise then watch the sun fall into the dark cold abyss,with Explosions in the sky then this your group.

Explosions in the sky!!!!!!
Hailing from the sultry metropolitan landscape of Austin, TX, Explosions In The Sky are some of the most sincere folks you will ever meet. Aside from being nice guys, they play some of the most passionate, powerful instrumental music you will ever hear. Equal parts romance and tragedy, their beautiful melodies have the tendency to ignite into head-spinning walls of noise. Easily one of the most intense live bands ever, their sound proves to be every bit as triumphant as their name implies.

Explosions in the sky makes you.......

Fall into a life sized coma that you can't escape from your stuck for life in a 3rd world,while here I'll realize life is easier then you made it seem,You'll find your love in a field of flowers just waiting for you,you just have to find that person.You'll have no problems,worries,fears,doubts you'll be at peace.......as a long as Your Hand in is Mine is all that matters in the end...........

From left to right:

Munaf Rayani — Guitar, Mark Smith — Guitar, Michael James — Bass, Christopher Hrasky — Drums

In the summer of 2002, the four of us decided to temporarily relocate to Midland, Texas. We thought it would be good to get out of Austin and hole up somewhere so we could just focus on writing music for what would be our third album. We knew our way around Midland (three of us grew up there) and the rent was cheap. Also, there is not a whole lot to do there so there would be few distractions. Once there, we spent our days apart...Michael got a job at a video store, Munaf at a Thai restaurant, Mark did some freelance copy editing and Chris walked his dog through abandoned parking lots. Late in the evening we would get something to eat and then head to practice. We had a practice space in the basement of an old downtown office building (which was quite possibly haunted). We could be there from 9pm to 6am. We put up some Christmas lights and got to work. The first couple of weeks were pretty rough. We were having trouble coming up with anything that we liked. It was frustrating and we became rather discouraged. One night we decided to take a break and we drove out to the Monahans Sand Dunes, a few miles outside of Midland. This place is hard to describe. You're just surrounded by weird, untouched desert. And you can see all the stars in the sky. Michael once described it as "like being on another planet." We brought a boom box with us and we laid down on the sand and listened to music. For some reason this made us feel better about things. The next night we were back in the basement practice space working on new songs. We can't remember if it got any easier or any less frustrating but somehow everything started to fall into place. A few weeks later we packed up and moved back to Austin.Picking up where Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever left off, The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place begins as a flickering twinkle that soon grows to a blinding light. This new sense of hope is the defining characteristic of this record, and ultimately the journey that their music takes us on. Immeasurably more dramatic and dynamic than their last album, The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place takes its shape not in the unexpected cacophony that had become the band's trademark, but in the infinitely deeper caverns of the human soul. With a soft heartbeat-like thump that grows stronger by the minute, the band is now closer than ever to replicating the simple movements that, when strung together, form the unpredictably complex machine that is the human body. Words simply cannot do this the justice that it deserves. It goes so far beyond elementary comparisons to other bands. The answer is somewhere between your head and your heart, and indeed, that is not a cold dead place.

Mark Smith was using a black Fender Tornado, a Mexican-made guitar which is similar in shape to the Jaguar or Jazzmaster. It comes standard with the often-reviled Atomic Humbucker pickups, and I’ve heard nothing to suggest that Mark has changed them. He certainly had the sustain you’d expect from double coils, though I’m unsure why the Atomic Humbuckers get such a bad wrap on the Internet, his tone – while never clean – sounded fine to me.

Mark uses one of the fantastic Tech21 Sansamp GT-2s for his overdrive tones. The pedal is known for its dynamic response and rugged build quality, which is perfect for a touring post-rock guitarist. He also employs a Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeller, an Arion Stage Tuner, and a Boss FV-50L volume pedal. Mark normally runs through a Fender ‘65 Twin Reverb Reissue, though I didn’t get close enough to workout whether it was his, or hired backline.

Michael James used to use a tobacco sunburst Washburn XB-100 with standard pickups. He now uses a black OLP MM2 bass, which I wasn’t actually paying a lot of attention to at the time. What I did focus on was the blue and white Ibanez Talman Michael switches to mid-set. The much-loved Talman is a Japanese/Korean-made, pressed-body guitar that looks and plays like a cross between a Strat and the Danelectro 56-U2. He even has the original lipstick single-coil pickups.

On the floor, Michael runs an Ibanez Tube King, MXR Distortion Plus and a Tech 21 Sansamp GT-2 for overdrive and distortion. He couples these a Boss DD-5 Digital Delay, Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb, and an Arion Stage Tuner. Michael plays through a Peavy T-Max bass head, run into an Ampeg SVT-410AV. Again, that looked like what was on stage, but I imagine it would cost far too much to fly that rig over from the US.

Munaf Rayani was playing a Sherwood green Fender Telecaster, which seemed to have a lot of cut, despite the fact I was on Mark’s side of stage. Munaf also has a Lake Placid blue Fender Stratocaster with standard single-coil pickups.

Munaf regularly treads on a Russian Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, a Tech 21 Sansamp GT-2 and a Vox V830 Distortion Booster for overdrive/distortion. He also uses an Ibanez DE-7 Delay/Echo, a Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay and a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner. He ordinarily plugs into a Fender Dual Showman head, with a Fender 2x12 cabinet, but my ability to spot specific amplifiers isn’t necessarily the best. I still think the backline was hired.

Interestingly, all three use Boss RC-20XL Phrase Recorders. They tend to loop small clusters of notes – or even single repeats – to slowly build walls of sound with cumulative layers of delay. The Loop Station series is the subject of mixed commentary from guitarists; many praise its basic features, while others point out that its habit of sucking tone renders it useless in a live situation. However, Explosions In The Sky have proved that it’s not the case. If anything, Boss buffering unifies the band’s sound, homogenising it enough that they seem to move as one. Plus they use the loops as ambient noise between songs, which segues their performance and gives them a chance a tune.

Last but certainly not least is the drummer Chris Hrasky. He has a seven-piece dark blue Pearl drum set that he purchased sometime in the early 1990s. The kit he uses consists of a snare, a single mounted tom drum, one floor tom, the bass drum, the hi-hat, one ride cymbal, and a single crash cymbal. As far as tools, he uses a pair of black brushes, a pair of mallets, various drumsticks, and a red half-moon headless tambourine. Chris has since upgraded to a silver and green sparkle Fibes kit, though at the Zoo he used a hired set from Brisbane Backline.

List of upcoming shows

01/27/2012 London Brixton Academy Lanterns on the Lake and Blanck Mass

01/28/2012 Brighton Concorde 2

01/30/2012 Paris Casino de Paris Papier Tigre

04/13/2012 Indio Coachella

04/20/2012 Indio Coachella

06/07/2012 Porto Optimus Primavera Sound

06/08/2012 Porto Optimus Primavera Sound

06/09/2012 Porto Optimus Primavera Sound

For more Info please visit: www.explosionsinthesky.com

List of Albums~~~

"How Strange, Innocence" (2000)

"Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever" (2001)

"The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" (2003)

"Friday Night Lights Soundtrack" (2004) ~~With Brian Reitzell

"The Rescue" (2005)

"All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone" (2007)

"Take Care,Take Care,Take Care " (2011)

Explosions in the Sky-Memorial Live at Starr Hill Music Hall, Charlottesville, VA - March 16th 2007

Explosions in the sky- Your hand in mine live at congress theatre -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P6sBDU_rmE

Explosions in the Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone
Preformance of "The Only Moment We Were Alone" from the album "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place".

Explosions in the Sky live at Reckless Records

Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day

Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma

Live, April 26, 2007 at The Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ.

Explosions In The Sky - So Long, Lonesome

Explosions In The Sky - The Moon Is Down

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept Live


Explosions In The Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone


Explosions in the Sky - Memorial (Live) - The Big Chill 2010


Explosions in the Sky - Trembling Hands


Explosions in the Sky - Catastrophe and the Cure

Explosions in the Sky - live at Chastain Park

The Only Moment We Were Alone


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Untied Kingdom~~~http://www.bellaunion.com/



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