Music and the web 2.0 Questionnaire

  • Music and the web 2.0 Questionnaire


    Förlåt för tala in engelska, men min svenks är inte så bra...

    Let me introduce myself:
    My name is Maarten and I have lived in Hultsfred in 2007 and studied at Rock City. After that I worked with the festival in 2007 and 2008 as volunteer at the arrangörskontoret and the backstage area.

    Right now im graduating in International Music Management in Haarlem, the Netherlands. For my thesis I'm doing a market research into how social/networking sites (web2.0) and user generated content affect the way music is perceived and valued. It would be great if everyone living in Hultsfred or visiting the festival could help me out.

    The questionnaire I have made is only 10 questions long and will take no more then 3 minutes of your time. The questionnaire can be found at:

    Note: The questionnaire is fully anonymus.

    You're help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Tack så mycket!

    - Maarten

    My Weak Beats Your Year
    • TehGreve schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 9. Jun. 2009, 20:22
    Done :D

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