What defines Horror Punk to you?

  • What defines Horror Punk to you?

    Songs about Zombies and Vampires? Devilocks? Ghoulish makeup? 3 chord wonders? One of the biggest problems (I feel) with the development of Horror Punk (not the music, but as a genre), is that it hasn't clearly defined itself.
    It's easy for a lot of people to confuse Death Rock, Horror Rock, Goth Rock, Horror Punk, Goth Punk, etc... So what sets Horror Punk apart from it's peers? Everyone has their own opinion of what's most important to a Horror Punk band. What's your take?

    • BackBrace schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 25. Jun. 2010, 2:53
    I think that the maine thing that sets them apart is that the bands themselves consider themselves to be horror punk.

  • its kinda just a vibe you get from the band...dark aesthetics in punk music....i feel death rock, goth rock, horror punk...it all could fit into a larger genre. I mean, I like Cancerslug, who don't really sing about zombies and the like, but they have vile lyrics and sing in the 50's infused rockabilly punk style that a lot of horror punk bands use. I also like the few bauhaus songs I've heard...they're not horror punk but they could appeal to a similar crowd.

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