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For the fans of Heather Morris! So if you love Heather/ Brittany please join!

Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?

Heather grew up in Arizona and moved to Los Angeles after one year of college to start her dance career. She toured the world with Beyoncé in 2007-08 and, after that, decided to expand into acting. She started to do dance jobs, the most prominent of which was debuting "Single Ladies" with Beyoncé on shows like "Saturday Night Live," "Today" and the American Music Awards. Beyoncé asked Heather to come back on tour, but she declined, still determined to become a full-time actress. The move paid off: Heather was hired to teach the "Single Ladies" dance to the cast of "Glee." The producers liked her so much that they hired her to become the cheerleader Brittany.

"Glee's Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. show you how to do the Dougie."

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