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For all fans of Heather Dale's music!

The Artist
Heather Dale is a Canadian Celtic recording artist and touring musician. She records and performs primarily her own original songs which draw their inspiration from the mythology, folklore and history of various Celtic and non-Celtic cultures. Her musical style is a mix of traditional and modern with elements from Celtic folk, jazz, blues, folk-rock and world music influences.

Her Discography
Light of the North (1996; cassette only—out of print)
Bow To The Crown (1998; cassette only—out of print)
Dances by the Marian Ensemble (1998; instrumental versions of Medieval dance music)
The Trial of Lancelot (2000)
Call the Names (2001)
The Call The Names Book (songbook) (2001)
This Endris Night (2002)
May Queen (2003)
The Road to Santiago (released in April 2005; ten original songs and two cover songs, all inspired by legends & folktales)
The Hidden Path: Live & Rarities (released in November 2006; fourteen tracks of live recordings, alternate recordings and traditional songs)
The Legends of Arthur (story/songbook) (2006)
The Gabriel Hounds (released in May 2008; fourteen original songs, all inspired by legends & folktales)
Heather Dale: Live in Köln (2008; live CD of a German concert)
Heather Dale: Live in Montreal (2008; live CD of a Canadian concert)
The Green Knight (released in July 2009; fourteen original songs inspired by the Middle Ages and the Renaissance)

Her official page
http://heatherdale.com/ - please support your favorite singers and songwriters by purchasing their music!

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