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For fans of all kinds of harp music, from folk to Celtic to jazz to classical!

August 15, 2008

Welcome to "Harp Music" Group! Join if you love harp music - If you play the harp, in any of it's many forms, admire those that do, or if you just love the sound of a harp, you are welcome here!

Harps were most likely independently invented in many parts of the world in remote prehistory. It is often said that the harp's origins may lie in the sound of a plucked hunter's bow string; the converse is equally possible. A type of harp called a 'bow harp' is nothing more than a bow like a hunter's, with a resonating vessel such as a gourd fixed somewhere along its length. To allow a greater number of strings, harps were later made from two pieces of wood attached at the ends: this type is known as the 'angle harp'.
The oldest depictions of harps without a forepillar are from 4000 BCE in Egypt and 3000 BCE in Persia [Iran]. The kanun is a descendant of the ancient Egyptian harp and was introduced to Europe by the Moors during the Middle Ages.

Blind Harpist playing harp with the Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt

"Lady with a Harp: Eliza Ridgely, 1818"


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