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Group for Belgian-Turkish R&B singer and songwriter Hadise.

Hadise, born in Belgium on the 21st of October,1985. A girl with Turkish roots born and raised in a little town called Mol. Her grandfather named her Hadise. Meaning "a story".

At the age of 17 Hadise took herself to another level and wanted to chase her dreams. She entered the contest 'Idols'. She didn't get to the finals but still got a record deal.

The album Sweat was born. Hadise is not only a performer but also a writer. She wrote 7 songs on her album 'Sweat'. Including hits like Sweat, Milk Chocolate girl and Stir me up. Stir me up received a worldwide interest from the fans. It became the hottest song in the clubs of Turkey and on the Turkish scene during the summer of 2006.

In 2008, she released her self-titled second album 'Hadise'. A Good kiss, My Body and Deli Oglan were released. This Time, she co-wrote the songs on her second album. Including a very personal song to her mother. Hadise comes from a very small, warm family. Her parents divorced when she was 11 years old. She has 1 older sister, a Younger sister and 1 younger Brother.

Hadise aims high. There are no limits in what she wants to achieve in life. She embraces life and every gift that comes with it. She never forgets to give back. She believes that her past is who she is now. Her roots are locked in her heart, mind and soul.

The Turkish people voted for Hadise to represent Turkey at The Eurovision Song festival 2009 that was held in Moscow. Hadise was honored and flattered by the offer and immediately agreed to enter the competition. The song that she performed in Moscow is called 'Düm Tek Tek'. This song is produced by Sinan AkçIl and written by herself, Hadise and Stefaan Fernande. On New Year’s Eve everybody watched her perform ‘Düm Tek Tek’ for the first time. It was broadcasted on TRT. Hadise broke a record with her performance on TRT. She became the first artist that had so many viewers on Youtube in Turkey. That week, her performance was watched more than 3 million times.

Her love for music will never end because it keeps her going. Life is never dull for her because there is music. She won't be living her dreams if she didn't have you... Her dearest fans! Hadise thanks you all for all the support from the beginning of her career.

HADISE won through a place in the final on May 16 where she achieved 4th place with 177 points.

12 points were awarded to Hadise by these countries: Azerbaijan, Belgium, FYR Macedonia, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

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