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For fans of the genius collaboration between Chris Goss and Jeordie White known as Goon Moon.



Licker's Last Leg
1.Apple Pie
2.My Machine
3.An Autumn That Came Too Soon
4.Feel Like This
5.Pin Eyed Boy
6.Hardcore Q3
7.Tip Toe
8.Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
9.Lay Down
11.The Golden Ball
a. the bees to your knees
b. Birmingham
c. sadie
d. hanging with mike
e. equipy quipy quaw quaw
f. mr. frankie
g. dramatic paws
h. the licker's last leg
12. Built In A Bottle

"Twiggy is doing some work with Marilyn Manson right now -- when he's done with that and I'm done with this, I'm sure we'll start piecing together Goon Moon," he says. "Whenever we can, we post a song or two on Myspace. There's some new pieces up there now."

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