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Gegründet am: 16. Jan. 2012
Another dark nook on This group though is intended for connoisseurs of dark art and dark creative thought.

Anthem of the Group: Volcano Suite

Good eternity to you all, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here I am trying (with your help) to gather the darkest pieces of music, which might be defined as ambient, dark ambient, neoclassical, melancholic, gothic rock, gothic metal, symphonic metal, doom metal, darkwave, drone, black metal, instrumental, classical, contemporary classical, jazz, doom jazz, post-rock, folk, dark folk, neofolk, medieval, apocalyptic folk, atmospheric, ethereal, ritual ambient, experimental, psychedelic, post-punk, martial industrial, etc.

I have created the group especially for connoisseurs of Gloomy music: those who not only prefer long-drawn minor keys in music, but also twilight and melancholic moods in life, fog and strange noises in the nighttime. Here, I put together the artists from whose works I get the Gloom. In my opinion, Gloomy music is not always fully minor, however, the minor key is basic for it (consider the works by L.V. Bethoven, for example). It is slow, dreary, melancholic, often heavy (concerning its mood), ominous, gray-black; in the end, its overall message is rather unclear.

Don’t hesitate recommending any artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers, and poets) you think suitable. Thank you very much in advance.

To realize the idea of the Group, try listening to some of these:

Arcana (, , )
Lacrimosa (, , )
Ulf Söderberg (, )
Sleep Dealer (, , )
Frédéric Chopin (, , )
Esmerine (, )
Bohren & der Club of Gore (, , )
Earth (, , )
Giacinto Scelsi (, , )
Kayhan Kalhor (, , )
Life's Decay (, , , )
Ensemble Organum (, , )

Gloom is also to be found in lots of literature works ranging from sophisticated philosophical novels to creepy short stories. In this respect, such great men of letters as Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Edgar Allan Poe may be singled out.

Finally, a couple of dark art galleries for your enjoyment: Darkclassics, Decadents.

And a bit of black-and-white gloom to feel calm on a hot sunny day. If you've got some inspiration, click on the white square :-)

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