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The Official door to your experimental music paradise on the web.

Feel free to join if you're addicted to the blog or if you're just interested in...

The Glassforest is an experimental music website for unknown artists and bands in each genre (mostly post-rock, ambient, electronic, drone, sludge, metal). Our aim is to spread unknown music for free and to show you the latest (also well-known bands) post-rock and ambient releases up to date.

Rules for Musicians
Musicians who want to be reviewed on the glassforest HAVE TO post their stuff in the thread in the forum ("WE Support YOU!"). Other ways we do not guarantee a free blogger post on our blog. In the mentioned thread, there are advices how to post your band/project. Please give a short description, the necessary links, etc. as mentioned in the threads' rules.

What kind of Music is Welcome?
As the glassforest blogspot© is about to provide free downloads for experimental music, we appreciate bands who spread their music for free. In any way, we would like to spread experimental music of unknown bands, but we also like to spread the latest releases of well-known experimental bands (bands like This Will Destroy You or even Massive Attack.) There are also a few featured bands which we support actively. If you want to enrich the list with your name, you need to stay in good contact with the bloggers or you just provide a lot of free music. Our support contains spreading the word for you in forums, mentioning your name on the blog and in the group seperately as well as providing your free download links to everyone.
It doesn't matter which genre of music you create, as it is just experimental and innovative. Whoever you are, be a part of this blog/group and enrich . the powerful sound of experimental music with your own name!

Featured Bands:
Finneyerkes (Acoustic Post-Rock)
Marc Doudin (Ambient)
Spaces (Experimental Progressive Rock)
Caustic Reverie (Field Recording/Ambient)
The Calm Blue Sea (Instrumental Post-Rock) (Shoegaze Pop)
Our Ceasing Voice (Ambient Post-Rock)
Lost Reverie (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
All You've Seen (Post-Rock)
Gordon's Tsunami Week (Post-Rock)
Deviniance (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
Pterodata (Electronica)
Vision Éternel (Acoustic Ambient)
Uttiloch (Experimental Ambient)

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