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We are doomed! Join if you do not like President Barack Obama and the Politics of his government. For reasons read Obama's...

All Group Members should watch Our Official Video!. It explains the whole Obama Deception and more. Discuss the video here
This group is NOT about color or race, it is about dirty politics. Race-related comments should be limited to the Racist Forum (this is a free-for-all discussion)
The problem is that all the naive wishful people, thinking that Obama will be the new Messiah, have another thing coming. He is just another political prostitute, selling the country to domestic and foreign interest. Watch our Official Video
Obama and Biden are in the CFR and closely connected to AIPAC. See the CFR & AIPAC related discussion
Obama made extensive campaign promises, but he cannot deliver. Obama's Bullshit Forum
Obama's Brainfart, the Health Care Plan: The Health sCare Forum
He will keep chipping away the US Constitution. See the Gun Rights Forum
If you are from the rest of the World, do not expect any significant change in the USA foreign policy. Obama is a warmonger puppet, as for starters he promised to send more troops to Afghanistan and willing to bomb/invade Iran, Pakistan, Syria, N Korea (and may start World War 3). War in Iraq & Afghanistan discussion
Those of you with the various reasons to join the 'Fuck Bush' group can join this group for the same reasons.
On the lighter side check out The Obama Butt-Lickers' Forum and The Obama Butt-Lickers' History

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