• Split Enz Eras

    Which era of the Enz is your preferred?

    I think of it in terms of three eras:

    The Early Phil Judd Years: The Beginning of the Enz, Mental Notes, Second Thoughts
    The Middle Tim Years: Dizrhythmia through to Waiata
    The Late Neil Years: From about Time and Tide and on, when Neil was doing most of the writing

    I think that the early Judd years are their most consistent, as far as every song being pretty good, but the middle years have their best work.

  • The early years appeal to me the most. They had such a good thing going with that off-kilter blend of art rock, folk and vaudeville - I feel they didn't reach their full potential there. I find Dizrythmia to be their most solid album, though.

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