Final rush for FSF membership drive!

  • Final rush for FSF membership drive!

    Today is the last day of the FSF's membership drive-- and they have really been turning up their game lately. If you appreciate free software (like FLAC), please join and help meet the goal!

    Join here!

    And spread the word on mailing lists and social networks:
    * Reddit-
    * StatusNet -
    * Twitter-

    <<The Free Software Foundation has, since 1985, fought for digital freedom in many different ways. As the battles they fight grow more diverse, they are casting about for new supporters.

    Please, consider following the link above and giving 10 dollars a month this year to help fund battles against UEFI secure boot, programs supporting the use of Ogg Vorbis, and legal action against GPL violators. Help these great people do their jobs, so that we can move forward in the battle for digital freedom.

    I recently wrote to you about the aftermath of SOPA (see my blog post), and how it related to free software and free culture. Since the FSF is tied (loosely) to organizations like the Blender Foundation and, the support you give will go towards saving those free services and others that could very well put the nail in the entertainment lobby's coffin.

    This ends my plea--thank you for reading, and I hope I can see you all in the FSF member forums soon!>>

    Thanks and all the best!

  • Nice

    Finally someone caring about one of the most important aspects of FLAC: freedom.

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