Has anyone herd of Byard Lancaster ?

  • Has anyone herd of Byard Lancaster ?

    Hey , has any one herd of the Saxophonist Byard Lancaster ? He was a sidemen for Drummer Sunny Murray on an album on ESP-DISK ( I haven't herd it yet but I know its some pretty wild stuff ). He also made some fine recordings of his own in France around the early ' 70's where he first utilized his " A Love Supreme meets the Sex Machine" idea . His album Funny Funky Rib Crib is just that funk and danceable but is still pretty avant garde. Does any body know of any other albums by him ?


    • jazzfann schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Jan. 2012, 15:28


    Byard Lancaster recorded several albums under his own name and was a sideman on many other fine recordings.

    short list:

    Byard Lancaster - Documentation - The End of a Decade (1979)
    Byard Lancaster - Philadelphia Spirit in New York (2001)
    Byard Lancaster - Worlds (1993)
    Byard Lancaster and Clint Jackson III - Mother Africa (1974)
    Byard Lancaster Trio - Byard Lancaster Trio (Soultrane 1999)

    Free Your Mind With Free Jazz

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    • Benutzer
    • 3. Feb. 2013, 5:11
    also It's Not Up To Us, which i was just listening to. This album has some early Sonny Sharrock on it.

  • I'm also a fan of an album simply called "Us" recorded in France in 1973. It's actually an LP and a 7" single on a little label called Palm Records (same label as Mother Earth. It's a trio recording with Sylvain Marc on Fender bass and Steve Mccallon drums.

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