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This is a group for all who enjoys the Spanish Gothic metal act Forever Slave ^^

Forever Slave was founded in 2000 by Sergio and Lady Angellyca. Soon after the band got in contact with others musicians and Forever Slave had been born. Hate, their first mini demo (2000) and Schwarzer Engel (2001) were determining its special music style.

In December 2003 Forever Slave started to record Resurrection, a dark opera about Elizabeth Bathory´s life.
In this year the band participated in some festivals.

In Spring 2005, FOREVER SLAVE signed an international deal with Armageddon Music (Germany). The band recordered their debut album ( Alice´s Inferno ) between May and June 2005. This album became top 9 in metal French Underclass sales, top 27 in Tipo´s Sales (Spain) and it was album of the Month in Metal Hammer (Spain)

In August 2007, the band finished the recording of Tales for bad girls, an album about themes like AIDS, the relations between people of the same sex, cybersex, the mistreatment of women, the Pederasty and a collection of "forbidden" relationships

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