Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VII is an RPG game developed by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix). The game was released on Playstation on Jan 31, 1997. It was later ported also on PC (released on 1998) with higher quality graphics but the soundtrack of the game was released as MIDI instead of mp3 like in the Playstation version.

FFVII was the first 3D RPG and all the CG back in the day was spectacular. After years of it's legacy being called as the greatest console RPG game, the game got an sequel in movie form called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The movie was released 2005 and the movie spawned "Compliation of Final Fantasy VII". Many new games were released that were set in the Final Fantasy VII world. Two prequels called Before Crisis (cellphone game on Japan) & Crisis Core (PSP). Dirge of Cerberus was released on PS2 and it takes place after Advent Children. An 30 min anime OVA was also released called Last Order, it was set in the Nibelheim incident when Sephiroth found out about Jenova experiments.

This game has been hailed as the greatest Final Fantasy game and for most people, it was also their first. Final Fantasy VII still remains as the most popular Final Fantasy game. It is hated by some people (due to it being hailed as the greatest game of all time) & loved to death by some people.

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