Song: “A Thousand Sheep”

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    • 3. Sep. 2006, 16:03

    Song: “A Thousand Sheep”

    v1.01, 2006-09-02 (3172-4-26)
    Lyrics: Aleksej R. Serdyukov
    TTTO "A Thousand Ships", a March 2001 song (, for which:
    lyrics: Juliane Honisch
    music: Kerstin Droege

    Inspired by the in-post-production movie "Black Sheep" ( - its IMDB profile)
    Of course, I didn't see the movie yet. The song's plot is different from the movie's, but it fits the IMDB plot outline: "An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm."

    On the papers that are not with me
    is my work that changed a thousand sheep
    and the smile that in the glass I see
    stays hysteric'lly upon those lips.
    And unlike my mirror image I
    see the results of what should be a myth.
    Perhaps tonight will be the night I'll die
    munched on by those mighty little teeth.

    Choice that's wrong for others, not for me.
    I did always think it was my will.
    A geneticist I came to be,
    Criticized by Church, but faithful still.
    Then an honoured guest did touch my soul
    taught me smiles that duly reached my eyes.
    But my sweet smiles were not all he stole,
    He's replaced their sheepish genes with vice.

    Naturally, me he did not ask
    Whether I would want to start a war,
    whether I would change my chosen task,
    whether I did truly wish for more.
    When the things I have to fight were young.
    They were cute when I came them to feed.
    But now the alarm had sudd'nly rung
    Who will call them cute and cuddly, .ii?[1]

    Battle drums I hear within my mind
    Fire arrows pierce me to the core.
    Everyone, because of fear, is blind,
    hatred's growing just behind the door.
    And the image in my mirror cries
    Red-hot tears run down to wrinkling lips.
    I've grown old while everybody dies,
    For my work has changed a thousand sheep.

    [1]. ".ii" is a Lojban word that denotes fear. Pronunciation: IPA [ji], German "ji", English "yee".

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    • 6. Apr. 2007, 14:06
    >"An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless >sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a >sprawling New Zealand farm."

    Fenton, Death Sheep From Hell - Tom Smith.

    First thing that came into my mind. :)

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    • 8. Apr. 2007, 12:15
    It obviously comes to mind of many, but it's about a different thing. :)

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