Ferocity of Practical Life

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Moderator: Fareday
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Gegründet am: 23. Jan. 2010
For the lovers of shit music. http://lifeferocity.blogspot.com/

This group is for retard people who likes retard music and this retard blog:
this pic was made on MSpaint

You can use /fero/ to:
/+/ Make Requests (here)
/+/ Steal Music
/+/ Exchange Music and Rarities by Yourselves (here)
/+/ Be Pretentious
/+/ Look cool on last.fm with your charts
/+/ flood and spam you read nothing, nothing...
/+/ Talk about your practical life
/+/ Complain about the group's charts and look even more cool
/+/ Masturbate
/+/ ????

If you make shit stuff (or music), you might consider joining us at Velvet Blue Records: (just contact me)
this one wasn't made on paint..

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