What's your favorite fairytale?

  • What's your favorite fairytale?

    Rather than an introduction thread, or one where we talk about our favorite bands (that'll come later), I thought I'd start off by asking what your favorite fairytale is. It doesn't have to be about faeries necessarily: it can be any sort of mythical story having any sort of natural - or supernatural - character in it.

    My favorite fairytale would have to be The Swan Maiden, because it's a concept that can be found all over the world, not just Eastern Europe. Here's a link:


    Personally, I like the "sad" ending more - the one where the maiden leaves and her grubby husband can't find her. :P

  • I seem to have so many probably.........

    I must say what I was thinking of off the top of my head was Dark Kingdom. I seem to be so fond of fairytales with tragic endings so that had to be a first. Also I am thinking of the Princess Bride and Ever After. Now as for classic fairy tales hmmm thats hard too I want to say Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella etc. Oh and how could I forget Rapunzel? Also I must say Turin Turambar by Tolkien is another tragic fairytale with a dark twist but still it makes the top of the list for me. Also all the Grimm stories are nice and like you mentioned The Swan Maiden, now is that the same story that was called The Swan Princess?


    • Mera-Luna schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 9. Feb. 2011, 12:27
    A mi me gusta en particular la historia de Beren y Lúthien con la que me impresionó hace años Tolkien en el libro de El Silmarillion.

    Y como cuento tradicional me quedaría sin duda con La Bella y la Bestia aunque sea una historia que cuenta con muchas variantes.
    De este os dejo una ilustración en versión sexy de J. Scott Campbell, un dibujante que me gusta mucho.

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 11. Apr. 2011, 17:23
    Beauty and the Beast :). I also have lots of favourite fairytales, and even my last.fm nickname is from one of my favourite fairytales, which is called " The King of Peacocks". It's about a princess who's name was Rosa, and she was locked in a tower because of a prophecy that their parents heard when she was born, that she will be the cause of her (two) brothers' hard times and possibly even death. So they locked her in the tower to save her brothers. But someday the parents died, when she was around 16 or 14, i don't remember the exact age, and her brothers who loved her sooo much freed her. When she stepped in the outside world, and especially the gardens of their palace, she started hopping around shouting with joy at all the animals and the trees she was seeing, but she became completely enchanted by the peacocks. And she said to her brothers that she will only marry the King of Peacocks. Her brothers tried to tell her that there is no such King, but she insisted and they loved her so much that they started to search to find him.

    The fairytale is reaaaally long, and in the end they find him, and she marries him, but lots of strange things and dangers happen in the way (just like most fairytales ^ ^).

  • I'm going to see if that fairytale is in any of my folklore books.

    Another one of my favorites is the story of Tam Lin, which is a ballad from Scotland.

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