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For fans of the more upbeat and darker side of the genre.
Note that not every band listed is pure Extreme Gothic Metal. Some have traces of other genres similar to this.

Extreme Gothic Metal is a sub-genre of Gothic Metal. It is usually 'heavier' than the typical Gothic Metal and has many elements of Symphonic Black Metal. It relies a lot on keyboards (with classical influences) and melodic guitar riffs. The vocals are usually (not always) very high pitched (quite higher than in Black Metal) screams and/or sung (clean male and female) Gothic Metal vocals. Combine this together and you'll get a typical Extreme Gothic Metal band.
Even though a very complex and interesting genre, only a handful of metal bands play this genre. Therefore, it would be impossible to limit this group strictly to Extreme Gothic Metal. This is why we will be discussing Gothic/Black Metal and Symphonic Black Metal here as well, as these styles are similar to Extreme Gothic.
Fans of Atmospheric/Dark/Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic & Doom Metal are welcome as well. However, if you are a fan of Brutal Death/Thrash or Raw Black, Power/Heavy, then this will not be the right group for you.


-Golden Dawn - Extreme Gothic Metal band from Austria. Their music is very melodic (with many classical influences) and features combinations of clean vocals and screams. So far, they releases 3 full-length albums. Highly recommended!

-Moonshine - Although they started as a Melodic Black Metal band (on their first two albums), their latest album (2008 - Eternal) is pure Extreme Gothic Metal. All their releases are highly recommended!

-Cradle of Filth - Well, since we all know them, there is no need to explain. Either you like them or totally detest them.

-Black Dust - French Extreme Gothic Metal band. Their music is similar to Cradle of Filth's, but much more melodic. So far, they have released one full-length album.

-Moonlight - Extreme Gothic band from Argentina. A recently-formed band that is quite promising. They released one demo so far which is available for free at their official site.


Gothic Sky, Siebenbürgen, Darzamat, Long Winter's Stare, Lamia Antitheus, Le Grand Guignol, Karcinoma, Indian Fall, Trail of Tears, Dark Haunters, Canvasser, Agathodaimon & Darkness of Blood

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