• Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy (Review)

    11. Nov. 2010, 22:35 von MinaseTaki

    I didn't want to believe it. I still don't want to believe it, but it's futile. Now matter how much I struggle to fool myself, reality refuses to change.

    Being and avid Nevermore fan who considers Dreaming Neon Black and This Godless Endeavor to be some of the greatest metal records of the past two decades, I was fired up about this album like you wouldn't believe. I was positive it would be the best metal album of the year. Almost like a milestone in modern metal, a turning point, a revolution of some sort...

    ...and I chose to ignore the signs that were already indicating that this would not be the masterpiece I was expecting. The two main forces of the band, Loomis and Dane, both released solo albums, which probably meant that their creative output was somehow being restricted by the style of the band. When your singer and guitarist decide to start sideprojects, you know your band is in trouble.

    Then there was Peter Wichers: the guitarist from Soilwork, an once awesome melodeath band that after only three albums decided to whore itself out to the american mainstream. That's the guy who was going to produce the album. This wasn't a good sign either.

    Finally, Loomis stating that he was giving Dane more "room for the vocals" was also unsettling. Obviously Warrel had enough room to use his vocals in whatever way he wanted on his solo record, why would he want to do it again?

    Fast forward to late April 2010, and the whole album leaks. So I decide to try it out. I give it a listen, and I'm not really impressed. Then again, I'm usually the kind of guy who will listen to an album and say "eh, it's alright" later to give it another try and go apeshit about how amazing it is, and how is it possible that he didn't really like it at first.

    So I gave it another spin. And another. And another. I've listened to it numerous times during the past six months, and here's my veredict.

    It blows goats.

    Now then, if you were to ask me exactly why it sucks, I'd tell you that there are a few factors at play. To be fair, it's not like the band has forgotten how to play their instruments. Loomis has been able to come up with some pretty decent riffs, such as in The Termination Proclamation, She Comes in Colors and the title track. The rythmic section is as solid as ever, and Warrel is still and awesome vocalist. What exactly is wrong, then?

    First of all, the songs are too streamlined. Now, Nevermore has never been the kind of band that refuses to utilise conventional song structures, except for a couple of tracks, like The Learning and This Godless Endeavor (and even those had recognisable verses and choruses). However, this is just ridiculous. It feels as if every song is just waiting for the chorus to shine. There are barely any mindblowing solos, memorable riffs or great vocal lines. The lyrics are really bad sometimes, and that's not something I'd like to say about a Nevermore song. Take a look at the lyrics from Moonrise:

    "Turn to the left, turn to the right
    If you judge me for my faults
    My soul searches for flight"

    They're naive and silly. It's hard to believe this is the same man who wrote the lyrics from songs like Sentient 6 and No More Will.

    There are some songs that feel like they were written as 6-7 minute epics, but were cut down for some reason. And the Maiden Spoke, The Blue Marble and the New Soul (where Warrel's lyrics are actually up to his usual level for once) and She Comes in Colors all showcase good ideas, but again, they're too streamlined and just when you think that things are getting interesting, the song is over and you're left thinking "...that's it?"

    And that's the feeling that I get from listening to this album. It has "tame" written all over it. Even the so-so self titled album had more furious riffs and passionate vocal performance.

    Some people may think that I get pleasure from bashing this album. I don't. Nothing would have made me happier than being able to say that this is a worthy follow-up to This Godless Endeavor, that Nevermore has done it again, that this album is excellent. However, I can't. I had really high expectations for this album, and they haven't been met.

    Sure enough, some Nevermore albums are better than others. DNB and TGE, for example, are much, much better than EoR or DHIADW. The problem is that we had waited five years for a new record. And now with the ongoing solo projects and the Sanctuary reunion, this might very well be the last Nevermore album we'll ever see.

    So yeah, this has been one of the biggest disappointments of my life, and that's pretty much all I have to say. On to write some more reviews, I guess. That was The Obsidian Conspiracy.
  • Setlist of Kiev a-ha performance at Internation Exhibition Centre, 04.11.2010

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  • ANTIMATTER: Pre-order possibilities and first audio samples for "Alternative Matter"

    10. Nov. 2010, 20:37 von Varkung

    Antimatter's compilation album "Alternative Matter" will be released on November 29th, 2010, and can be pre-ordered in two versions from Prophecy's online shop:

    "Alternative Matter" premium artbook edition (3CD+DVD and book with 104 pages):
    This strictly limited (1,000 copies) artbook is published in broadsheet format (29x29 cm) and cloth binding. Apart from three audio CDs with altogether 29 tracks and a playing time of over 130 minutes, it also includes a DVD featuring an ANTIMATTER documentary as well as the video clips for "Epitaph" and "Conspire." The 104-page artbook features a band biography penned by Mick Moss and a wealth of photos documenting ANTIMATTER's career from 2000 to the present.

    "Alternative Matter" Digipak (2CD): The double-CD edition comes in a noble Digipak and includes 22 tracks with a playing time of over 100 minutes.

    If you pre-order the artbook or the Digipak edition, you will also get an exclusive ANTIMATTER postcard signed by Mick Moss for free!

    In order to get attuned for the release of "Alternative Matter," today we provide you with the acoustic version of Antimatter's classic track "Flowers," featuring Anathema's Danny Cavanagh on guitar and vocals: ANTIMATTER: Flowers (acoustic)

    For further infomation join www.last.fm/group/antimatter+-official-
  • NUCLEUS TORN: Pre-order possibilities and first audio samples for "Andromeda…

    10. Nov. 2010, 20:36 von Varkung

    "Andromeda Awaiting" and "Travellers," the two new releases from Nucleus Torn, will be released on November 29th, 2010, and can be pre-ordered from Prophecy's online shop now.

    "Andromeda Awaiting" (A5 Digipak CD)
    Their new studio album and the conclusion of the conceptional trilogy that started with "Nihil" (2006) and "Knell" (2008). "Andromeda Awaiting" opens up new realms of sound in the field of avant-garde rock music and is NUCLEUS TORN's most daring and ambitious album to date.

    "Travellers" (A5 Digipak CD)
    "Travellers" is a compilation of the band's early works and includes the entire output of NUCLEUS TORN between 1998 and 2002 (the EP "Krähenkönigin" (1998) and the mini CDs "Silver" (2000) and "Submission" (2002)) as well as two previously unreleased tracks from the recording sessions for "Nihil." A true feast for all fans of this extravagant ensemble from Switzerland!

    If you pre-order any of these releases, you will also get an exclusive NUCLEUS TORN postcard signed by Fredy Schnyder for free!

    As a foretaste of "Andromeda Awaiting," today we proudly present you the song "Andromeda Awaiting II".
  • LIFELOVER: "Konkurs" re-release due out end of November / pre-order possibilities

    10. Nov. 2010, 20:36 von Varkung

    A re-issue of Lifelover's infamous third album, "Konkurs", will be the band's first release on Prophecy. Originally released in 2008, "Konkurs" paints a bleak, dystopian vision of modern urban despair with fractured fragments of , , , and . Truly a love-it-or-hate-it experience, Lifelover's proudly defiant "Konkurs" will forever alter your perceptions of what can be done to "black metal" or even "extreme metal" in general. On November 29th, 2010, "Konkurs" will be available in two different editions: as a standard jewelcase and as a Digipak 2CD, featuring the sought-after "Promo 2005", the very first LIFELOVER material ever recorded! Both versions can be pre-ordered from Prophecy's online shop now:

    "Konkurs" (CD)
    "Konkurs" Digipak (2CD incl. "Promo 2005")
  • Setlist of Kiev Scorpions performance at Internation Exhibition Centre, 02.11.2010…

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  • Inspiration: FIFA World Cup 2010 and the grumpiest scan-man I have ever met

    17. Okt. 2010, 5:04 von aznsupragrl182

    Hello last.fm!

    I'm in the midst of state exams at the moment, but I couldn't resist the temptation to post. I have received a number of requests to publish something in my journal, even though no one bothers to comment - hence why I assume no one is reading, which is why I don't post. It's all very cyclical, you see :P

    Two questions were looming on my mind as I wrote this in May 2010.

    1. Having just encountered the most misanthropic individual who served me at the local supermarket, I started to wonder what the life of a scan-man involved.

    2. What do people think about before they die? People's lives don't flash-before-their-eyes". It makes a good film sequence, but I bet it's rubbish!

    This also became my creative writing piece for the Crime Writing topic we did at school, hence the extremely stitled middle section for genre subversive effect (I can't write anything abiding by the rules of the genre without it sounding like a Junior Nancy Drew paperback).

    In fact, my first draft for Crime Writing was a story about online cannibalism (inspiration: Armin Mewes, google him, what a freak! xD). I had written 300 words and submitted it to my teacher who looked at me as if she wanted to call the police, so I started from scratch and ended up with this!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this - even if it's just for the soccer ;D



    Felipe let out an exasperated sigh as he glowered menacingly at the endless queue that stretched before him. Thursday nights were the bane of his existence. Once again, he found no escape from the excessively generic muzak that dominated the airspace which deafened the pneumatic hiss of his cash register. Slumped over his work station, his head throbbed in a seizing pain as he clutched at his temples in an attempt to regain composure, but to no avail – his brief serenity interrupted by the screams of a toddler throwing a tantrum amongst the confectionery in aisle three.

    It was happening again. Hands shaking as perspiration began to collect at the nape of his neck, Felipe fumbled with the “Register Closed” sign. He sensed thirty pairs of eyes channel their collective irritation and rage at his general direction as he gingerly slinked away from the register, yelling, “I’m taking a break!” at his manager, who was nowhere to be seen.

    Felipe’s feeble saunter turned into a bolt as his airways began to constrict. Nausea and confusion and panic and vertigo rose within his ribcage as he battled desperately to suppress the meaningless stream of barcodes which began to surface from the depths of his memory. Imprints of binary and parallel lines of varying width tainted his mind black and white and infrared as Felipe ran down the aisles crammed with stacked shelves full of products and price he new by heart, grimacing as his mind strained to forget in a fraught endeavor to assume control.

    Weak with fatigue, Felipe slowed to a halt, his chest heaving as he tried to steady his shallow breathing. Heart rate abating, the plod of heavy, shuffling footsteps became audible, suddenly ceasing behind him. Squinting at the strobing lights that adorned the ceiling, Felipe caught sight of the man.

    He was a short, potbellied man with a face like a kicked-in peach; his prominent jowls sagging southwards. Sparse, greasy strands of hair were gelled in a comb-over that exposed his sunburnt and cratered scalp. He stood unnaturally upright which served only to exaggerate his minute stature as he grinned maniacally at Felipe, revealing jagged, missing teeth. Felipe felt his skin crawl in a mixture of disdain and condescension.

    “Could ya tell me where the pantyhose are, mate?”

    The man’s blood-drained lips quivered as he spoke in a hurried fashion. Felipe raised his eyebrows quizzically, bemused at the very thought of the man donning fishnets. Meanwhile, the man shifted his weight from one leg to another, his pupils darting about the aisle, failing to maintain eye contact.

    “Sure,” murmured Felipe as he waved his hand, motioning the man to follow him.

    “They’re for my girlfriend, you know,” the man gasped, trotting alongside Felipe, unable to match the speed of his gait.

    “Ah, she must be a very…lucky woman,” replied Felipe, lying through his teeth.
    They stopped in front of the neat rows of women's pantyhose.

    “Well, thanks,” the man muttered.

    Before turning on his heel and strolling in the opposite direction, Felipe gave the man a cursory glance as he began to peruse the aisle.


    “Oh my god! He’s got a gun!”

    Chaos ensued as shrieks pierced the muzak dominion of the supermarket, shoppers ducking behind sales signs as they clutched their children, others fleeing in a frenzied stampede. Felipe bolted to the scene, surveying the cowering customers, about fifty in all, wide-eyed and whimpering.

    “Get on the goddamn floor, NOW!”

    Felipe stared, bewildered.
    It was crater-face, his asymmetrical head in an opaque stocking, wielding a miniature revolver. Felipe collapsed into uncontrollable peals of laughter.

    “Oh bravo – makeshift balaclava, Aisle 6. Women’s underwear.”

    “One more word from your mouth, and I’ll blow your fuckin' head off!”

    “With what? Humour me, a plastic Colt? Aisle 18. Children’s toys,” spat Felipe, as he advanced upon the gun-toting assailant.

    And with that, the stocking-clad man raised his pistol and fired.
    The bullet pierced through layers of skin and tissue before exiting between the discs of Felipe’s spine with a spurt of cerebrospinal fluid, propelling fragments of his shattered sternum into the atrium of his heart. It is worth mentioning what Felipe couldn’t remember in that split second between life and death, given that there was nothing that was previously known to him in time, space, touch, symbols, taste, signatures or billboard signs that he would have forgotten.

    Felipe did not remember the significance of today, November the 21st, being the second anniversary of his stale and predictable relationship with Danielle – a woman he dreaded. He did not remember her horse-like features that he once found alluring, nor did he remember what he considered attractive in a woman; charisma and an irresistible grin, of which time had robbed Danielle of both. Felipe did not remember the dilapidated flat they shared; its substandard workmanship and creaking doors, its mean little rooms crammed with books filled with now useless knowledge. He did not remember being enthralled by knowledge in his youth, scouring books in the quest for enlightenment. Felipe did not remember any of the languages he spoke fluently (three), any of the Beatles hits he had ever sung in succession (fourteen) or any of the university degrees he had ever signed up for or dropped out of (eight, and still counting). None of these things did he remember, not one. He did not remember an instance in which a customer was ever right – even though one such circumstance had occurred seconds ago, he did not remember that either.

    But what he did remember was the sensation of the knobbly cobblestones underfoot as he marveled at the afternoon sun lengthening the shadows that slid down the street – a memory of 20 summers ago almost lost upon the chain of exploding neurotransmitters that extinguished the synaptic tinkering encased within inanimate grey matter.

    Transported in a fragment of suspended time, Felipe is sitting on the flood wall, tracing sea chill with his fingertips, the crusty salt-laden air engulfing his senses. The eager yelps of the neighbourhood boys milling on the esplanade in tense anticipation fill the air. The main attraction, a frayed and regurgitated mess of a scruffy soccer ball. He feels his body gravitate toward the action, a small jerk in his stomach willing him to partake in the game. Now amongst the crowd, the other boys rearrange themselves to accommodate his presence. He introduces himself and smiles with gratitude; they acknowledge him with a curt nod.

    They advance upon the deserted beach as the game unfolds, feet pattering against the sand as the faux leather of the ball skims the surface – he’s enthralled, transfixed, memerised; sold on the sport’s exquisite simplicity, spellbound by its physical rhythm, its raw energy. As Felipe’s brain faces its prolonged, horrific end, this memory freezes as his concept of time is lost upon nostalgia and poised consciousness. But for now, Felipe makes time. Time for memories tangled in slivers of music, sand and euphoria; his youth, the sea breeze and an endless summer.

  • ANTIMATTER: "Alternative Matter" due out end of November

    16. Okt. 2010, 12:12 von Varkung

    On November 29, ten years after the recordings of their debut album "Saviour", Antimatter release "Alternative Matter", a retrospective of another kind. This is not a standard best of album, but a compilation of exclusively unreleased recordings and alternative versions from the archives of the band, compiled by ANTIMATTER mastermind Mick Moss with care and passion. "Alternative Matter" features demo and acoustic versions of well-known ANTIMATTER songs, live recordings, remixes, and also new recordings which have been conceived especially for this compilation. And in their entirety all these songs tell a yet unknown ANTIMATTER story.

    After months of intense work on his anniversary compilation, Mick Moss himself is very pleased with its outcome: "The amazing thing about this compilation is that these pieces were set to tape in many different places during a period of over ten years, yet collected together they form a coherent and united new listening experience, a fascinating alternate history that sounds unlike any prior ANTIMATTER album. I would love to be able to hear this collection in its entirety with fresh ears for the first time, but that’s now for the listener to do."

    For further information join www.lastfm.de/group/antimatter+-official-
  • NUCLEUS TORN: "Andromeda Awaiting" and "Travellers" due out end of November

    16. Okt. 2010, 11:44 von Varkung

    On November 29, two albums by Nucleus Torn will be released: the new studio album "Andromeda Awaiting" as well as the compilation of early works "Travellers".

    "Andromeda Awaiting" provides the disillusioned, yet conciliatory completion of a conceptional trilogy that was startet with "Nihil" (2006) and "Knell" (2008). As on the two precursors, NUCLEUS TORN are creating a new sonic realm on "Andromeda Awaiting." This acoustic and ethereal production blends elements of with influences from (Middle Ages, Renaissance) and as well as and .

    "Travellers" comprises all NUCLEUS TORN releases from the times before their debut album "Nihil": the EP "Krähenkönigin," which was recorded in 1998 and eventually released in 2004, the originally self-produced mini CD "Silver" (2000), and the demo CD "Submission" (2002), which was only released as a CD-R back in the day. These early works are now to be presented to a larger audience for the first time. The compilation is topped off by "Leadless" and "Lurking," two previously unreleased songs from the sessions for their debut album "Nihil."
  • Facebook Fails (No more app tabs for Last.fm)

    16. Okt. 2010, 11:18 von spineshank155

    It seems like every time i find a good application for facebook to link my Last.fm account something always happens to it. Either the app doesn't update or some stupid bull, anyways i recently FOUND an application that actually WORKS & is better then facebook decides, oh we're gettin rid of the application tabs. Well how am i supposed to show off my charts because facebook refuses to work with last.fm? It's stupid & this application shows my top 15 artists, top 15 albums & top 10 tracks. And sometimes it's easier to have this on there rather then having it manually entered when i change my music style every so often. I believe this is the whole point of scrobbling! So with a popular social site like facebook fails miserably on this, this is why myspace will prevail.. however only hookers, artificial intelligence & a few faithful myspace users are on it. I hardly use it anymore since it's so cluttered. But at least i can STILL have charts on there! Besides, im so metal (fake & not gay) & if people want to be social with me how can i when i don't like trendy stuff, if you like metal then.. wait are most metal heads antisocial?? Yeah fits my description pretty well although im not anti social with most people, just avoid the trendy ones.

    Facebook, you fail AGAIN!

    Tags: Dark Tranquillity, MyGrain, Whispered, Eluveitie, Slipknot, Anaal Nathrakh, Mors Principium Est, Machine Head, Swashbuckle, Ensiferum, Napalm Death, Britney Spears (yes i totally tagged her), Behemoth, In Flames (aSoP, wtf? *facepalm.jpg*), Dimmu Borgir, Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, All That Remains, Fear Factory, Kataklysm

    If you must add my Facebook, let me know your last.fm account & i'll accept it but most likely only if you let me know your last.fm account. I don't usually accept random stranger adds on facebook.