• LESS THAN 350 (out of 900) for ProgPower USA XII remain since going on sale March 5

    8. Mär. 2011, 14:05 von miel0630

    ProgPower USA XII September 16-17, 2011 Center Stage Atlanta
    $126 for two-day ticket and is *General Admission*

    Advance Gold Badges are already sold-out

    FRIDAY, SEPT. 16, 2011:
    Sanctuary (USA)
    Arcturus (Norway) * +
    Mob Rules (Germany) +
    Eldritch (Italy) +
    Voyager (Australia) *
    Darkwater (Sweden) +
    Creation's End (USA)

    SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011:
    Therion (Sweden) +
    Dream Evil (Sweden) +
    Labyrinth (Italy) * +
    Red Circuit (Germany) * +
    While Heaven Wept (USA)
    Haken (UK) * +

    * = US Debut
    + = US Exclusive

    Ticketmaster Link
  • Evergrey will perform "In Search of Truth" in its entirety @ ProgPower USA XII…

    3. Mär. 2011, 22:12 von miel0630

    EVERGREY To Perform Entire 'In Search Of Truth' Album At PROGPOWER USA XII Festival - Mar. 2, 2011

    Swedish progressive metallers Evergrey have confirmed a world-exclusive performance of their 2001 epic concept album, "In Search Of Truth", in its entirety at the ProgPower USA XII kick-off show on September 15 at the annual progressive and power metal festival held in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Commented EVERGREY frontman Tom Englund: "Glenn (Harveston, ProgPower USA festival promoter) asked me for a special show,….what else is new as he always does… hrmpff. So to pay tribute to one of our most loved albums, we decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of 'In Search Of Truth' by playing the whole damned thing. This will be an exclusive for Atlanta and the ProgPower USA show alone.

    "One thing I do need to mention is that the backing tracks for the songs are long gone, BUT we will try to do it justice as well as we can.

    "Don't miss this shit as it will be an EPIC milestone....or failure!

    "This is Tom signing out from the rehearsing room, trying to learn the damn string-skipping part of 'The Encounter'."

    EVERGREY will also perform a U.S. exclusive acoustic show at the Mid-Week Mayhem on September 14 to start the week's festivities.

    Bands confirmed for the festival:


    ** U.S. exclusive

    Ticket and show information can be found at

    In Search of Truth


    [event=]Evergrey and Vanden Plas - ProgPower USA XII Kick-Off[/event]

  • ProgPower USA XII in Atlanta September 14-17, 2011

    9. Feb. 2011, 22:07 von miel0630

    **tickets on sale March 5, 2011 at 10am ET via TicketMaster**

    FRIDAY, SEPT. 16, 2011:
    Sanctuary (USA) 11:30-close
    Arcturus (Norway) 9:30-10:45 * +
    Mob Rules (Germany) 8:00-9:00 +
    Eldritch (Italy) 6:30-7:30 +
    Voyager (Australia) 5:00-6:00 *
    Darkwater (Sweden) 3:45-4:30 +
    Creation's End (USA) 2:30-3:15

    Introduction to each band:

    SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011:
    Therion (Sweden) 11:00-close +
    Dream Evil (Sweden) 9:00-10:15 +
    Labyrinth (Italy) 7:30-8:30 * +
    Red Circuit (Germany) 6:00-7:00 * +
    While Heaven Wept (USA) 4:30-5:30
    Haken (UK) 3:00-4:00 * +

    * = US Debut + = US Exclusive

    Introduction to each band:


  • Concorso: Chi sarà il nuovo batterista dei Dream Theater?

    11. Jan. 2011, 23:16 von Pampa89 ha deciso di dare la possibilità ai propri utenti di indovinare chi sarà il sostituto di Mike con un concorso.
    Per maggiori informazioni visitate il nostro sito:

    Dream Theater
  • IN LEGEND - Pandemonium EP [=> Hand-hammered Piano Craft | Metal]

    11. Jul. 2010, 13:33 von ImmortalSoul

    Original Review: Reflections of Darkness

    IMPORTANT: You can download the whole EP for free HERE!!

    Title: Pandemonium EP
    Artist: In Legend (Berlin/Mainz, GERMANY)
    Genre: Hand-hammered Piano Craft | |
    Release Date: 26th March 2010
    Label: Self-Released


    Sometimes they occur… these strange moments that render you completely speechless while you are desperately trying to put the just witnessed listening experiences into appropriate words… and of course fail doing so. I’m struggling with this particular situation as we speak, after having listened to the band In Legend’s debut EP Pandemonium for what feels like the 100th time, and after trying to find an introduction that does this work justice for what feels like the 200th time. So, let us therefore try to simply look at things as they are: In fact, In Legend sound different than everything you have heard before - and, nevertheless, after the first listen one can already feel some sort of intimateness and well-being that one rarely gets to discover in music nowadays. Yes, I’m using big words from the very start… and yet they hit nail on the head. But maybe it would be better to first of all introduce the project in general before this turns into a completely obscure wave of enthusiasm that might cause all readers to rather shake their heads than to look any further.

    In Legend is the (and yes, this denotation, albeit it might not fit 100 %, might possibly be the most appropriate one that I can think of at first) side project of Bastian Emig, also known as the drummer of the world’s first and famous band Van Canto. Thus, one could rightfully assume that the membership in this band might have already laid the foundation for an inclination towards extraordinary sounds because Van Canto have in fact made themselves a name as being a truly exotic phenomenon within the scene, particularly due to their unconventional approach to , wherewith they have nevertheless been able to attain considerable success and fan following until now. I am almost sure that the same development will eventually happen to In Legend because this project also manages to challenge prevalent conventions in music in a very original way.

    For example, just like Van Canto, In Legend is also lacking the most important instrument of music - the guitar. Only a bass (played by Daniel Wicke) and the drums (played by Dennis Otto) deliver the necessary rhythm and groove in order to worthily prop up the main instrument . Nevertheless, the oftentimes builds up an incredible heaviness and energy that can definitely compete with the usual bands in terms of intensity and dynamics. Bastian himself describes In Legend as sounding a bit like “Tori Amos on cocaine” and this depiction can somehow really be applied to the whole thing.

    EP Review

    The first song Pandemonium already serves as a proper introduction to the sound of In Legend and presents the listener after a short spoken-word passage with a heavily hammering intro on the bass keys of the which is accompanied by dynamic double bass attacks of the drums. Never before had I heard a in such a heavy way - but one must admit that it perfectly matches the dusky mood of the song. What also immediately sticks out in this song is the versatile voice of Bastian Emig. While I can imagine that it might take some time for certain people to get used to it, as a matter of fact his voice already captivates the listener in this first song and does not let him go again. On this 4-track EP one can seriously discover everything from soft, clean vocal passages to powerful, partly even screamed parts or even spoken-word-like, rhythmic vocal work. And also the arrangements themselves are characterized by these changes in dynamics.

    The EP contains everything from energetic piano hammering (not for nothing is the sound of In Legend also described as being ) to fast, lively passages and also calm, atmospheric and even romantic moments (for example in the intro of Prestinate and generally in the song The Healer), and one already finds out about that in the first song. There is never a dull moment in the whole course of this work - on the contrary: The whole CD is so full of brilliant new ideas, diversity, and technical finesses that it almost exceeds the listener’s imagination. And if that was not enough, Bastian Emig also has a keen sense of wonderful melodies (which can be discovered in the terrific closing song Heya, for example) which immediately get stuck in the ear canals and make no move to leave in the near future. In particular one also needs to put a special emphasis on the “song in the song” with the title Remedy - an absolutely stunning that seamlessly follows up the third song The Healer and simply offers a wonderfully calm and melancholic break to the rest of the album. One can virtually think of it as the moment of relief before the (contrary to the rest of the album) rather optimistic and “lighter” piece Heya picks up the pace for one last time.

    Conclusion: As mentioned above, this debut EP just blew me away. I had already been exposed and gotten used to a lot of different stuff in the genre before but In Legend manage the impossible and enthuse me with only four songs like no other band did in a long while. Rarely has any debut offered as much inventiveness, passion, and fresh air as can be seen here, and with the high musical quality and the very high artistic value of this output one can only wonder what kind of great things In Legend are gonna provide us with in the future when the first full length album arrives (which is already said to come out in fall/winter 2010). “The perfect blend of hard, soft and uncompromising passion” - that is how the biography of the band puts it - and from my side there is hardly any better description for this more than ambitious project.


    01. Pandemonium
    02. Prestinate
    03. The Healer (Inclusive Remedy)
    04. Heya


    Bastian Emig "Vortex Generating Super Operator" - vocals, piano
    Daniel Wicke "The Bass Cyclone" - bass
    Dennis Otto "The Drumming Tornado" - drums


    Cover Picture


    Music: 10
    Sound: 9.5
    Extras: There is a hidden secret to be discovered in the EP which is very creative
    Total: 9.8 / 10

    First Video

    Similar / Connected Bands:

    Van Canto | Jester's Funeral | The Razorblades | Jovian Spin | Narakam | Apocalyptica | Tori Amos | David Garrett | My Own Private Alaska | Yann Tiersen | Serj Tankian | Him | Dommin | Sabaton | Riverside | Dream Theater | Borknagar | Sonata Arctica | Trans-Siberian Orchestra | Ben Folds | Sentenced | For My Pain... | Keane | Augustana | Muse | Jamie Cullum | Dax Johnson | The Fray | Coldplay | Jack's Mannequin
  • Recent purchases, february edition

    26. Feb. 2009, 13:58 von r1Co


    The OC season 1-4 (complete series) collectors box w/ holografic front; comes down to 15 euros p/season thanks to the British Pound :D (and yes, I watch the OC :P)

    1st row (10,80 euros p/season thanks to the british pound =])
    Scrubs season 7 box (shorter season due to writers strike)
    Scrubs season 6 box
    Two and a half men season 3
    Two and a half men season 4

    2nd row:
    Farsot. - IIII
    Ion - madre protegenos
    Sepultura - a-lex
    Deep Purple - machine head 25th anniversary 2CD editie (slipcase)

    3rd row:
    In the woods - strange in stereo
    In the woods - omnio
    In the woods - HEart of the Ages
    Empyrium - where at night the wood grouse plays (slipcase)

    4th row:
    In Vain - The Latter Rain
    Antimatter - Lights Out
    Depressed Mode - Ghosts of Devotion
    Vreid - Milorg

    5th row:
    Age of Silence - acceleration
    Rapture - Silent stage
    Insomnium - since the day it all came down

    6th row:
    Spiritual Beggars - ad astra
    Turisas - The Varangian Way - director's cut
    Turisas - Battle Metal
    Metallica - A Year and a half in the life of... Part 1&2


    officieel Messi Barcelona shirt
    Turisas 'A Tour into the unknown 2008-2009' shirt
    Vreid 'I Krig' Shirt

    4x Sonisphere Festival (Metallica, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Mastodon and more) @ Goffertpark Nijmegen (june 20th)

    Kalisia - Cybion 2CD
    Mastodon - Crack the Skye Ltd
  • Short reviews are the new black; Vreid rocked

    15. Feb. 2009, 14:41 von r1Co

    Sat 14 Feb – Black Metal Desecration 2009

    Sup with no places for shoarma around Leeuwarden, the one next to Romein is closed :( the other one is even completely gone and Brongers (normal snackbar) was closed past 7, wtf. So we got some food at Du Nord, which is always ok, and we went to romein, just in time before Iskald. Iskald brought a horrifyng sound which got a little better during the set but was still below par at the end. Vreid sounded better and their latest ("Milorg") kicks ass, so coincidentally their performance did the same. Kampfar after that was also very good. They're just not my favourite band, but I liked their show (bit short maybe?). After this we were tired (work all day :S) so we went home, good show, though previous Shining and Enslaved both had a much better sound
  • recent purchases, let's cut the bullcrap

    2. Feb. 2009, 20:37 von r1Co

    there's probably a huge gap (purchase wise) between this entry and the last purchases journal, but I can't care about it. I'll just give you pics of my latest purchases here (of december 2008 and January 2009) and list the stuff underneath it. Don't feel like writing about them all too much since response is very minimum on this site lately. I'll comment on comments when needed ofcourse


    top row
    Two and a Half Men season 2
    Dream Evil - Gold Medal in Metal DVD/2CD (alive & archive)
    Antimatter - saviour
    Amenra - Mass IIII

    2nd row
    Neurosis - Given to the Rising
    Oceansize - Effloresce
    Oceansize - Frames Ltd box + DVD & Sticker
    Catamenia] - VIII : The Time Unchained (Limited, but dunno why)

    3rd row
    Dozer - Beyond Colossal
    Oceansize - Everyone into position
    Kreator - Hordes of Chaos Ltd edition + DVD
    Blackwater Park - Dirt box (re-issue)

    4th row; cheap stuff
    Dragonlord - Rapture
    Metallica - All Nightmare Long single Disc 1 en 3 (DVD)
    The Fan
    Eastern Promises
    In Bruges

    5th row; even cheaper stuff
    Into Eternity - Buried in Oblivion
    Dream Theater - Awake
    Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity
    Judas Priest - Painkiller (eindelijk :P)


    top row:
    X-men: The Last Stand DVD
    The Dark Knight Steelbox 2DVD
    Hancock DVD incl Hancock Beenie

    2nd row
    GTA IV for PC
    Two and a half men season 1
    Las vegas season 5
    Arch Enemy - Tyrants of the Rising Sun ltd DVD/2CD

    3rd row
    Doom:VS - Dead Words Speak
    Shining - III Angst
    Frost* - Experiments in Mass Appeal
    Ansur - Warring Factions

    4th row; cheap ass stuff
    Dead Can Dance Tribute - The Lotus Eaters (with Ulver, Danny Cavanaugh of Anathema, Subterranean Masquerade and more)
    Epica - The Phantom Agony
    Borknagar - Origin
    The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Cybersonic superchrist


    top row
    Genesis - When in Rome 2DVD
    Pink Floyd - PULSE live 2CD
    October Falls - The womb of primordial nature

    2nd row; cheap stuff, 11 euros or less
    Cynic - Focus
    Gorefest - La Muerte ltd + DVD
    Ulver - Blood Inside
    Novembre] - Classica

    3rd row; cheaper stuff, 8 euros or less
    Insomnium - in the halls of awaiting
    Iced Earth - the horrow show
    Artas - the healing
    Hatesphere - serpent smiles and killer eyes Ltd + DVD

    4th row; even more cheap ass; 5 euros or less
    Blind Guardian - Follow the Blind
    Kamelot - The Fourth legacy
    Vintersorg - Till Fjälls/Hedniskhjärtad
    Vintersorg - Visions From The Spiral Generator

    tickets for Vreid/Kampfar (14 feb), Sepultura/The Sorrow (28 feb), Metallica/Machine Head (30 mar)
  • Greenz n Nova will be DJing the Download Fest 2am-4am Thursday 12th June - Monday…

    5. Mai. 2008, 16:50 von GreenzDi

    TotalRock Will be DJing From The Download Fest this year
    you can catch Greenz and Nova at the following times.

    Greenz n Nova will be DJing the Download Fest 2am-4am Thursday 12th June - Monday 16th June

    I am unable to attened due to my Health

    Yoy Will be able to hear via
  • LAST CONCERT: Into the Pit! (DragonForce/Firewind)

    22. Okt. 2006, 11:37 von r1Co

    date: 21/10/2006
    bands: DragonForce (UK), Firewind (GRC)
    location: Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands
    special: Sold Out

    yes it is true, we arrived around 20:05 in the actual room were the bands actually played :D I think we should make this a habit but I can't guarantee it ;). So there we were, actually 25 minutes before we were going to witness...

    Even beforehand a part of the crowd seemed really fired up, as there was already some moshing going on before even Firewind played a note. Normally when I'm drunk (no wait that's not normally :P) I like a bit of moshing every now and then, but this time I wasn't really feeling it and the moshers were more aggresive then I've ever witnessed before. Anyway, around 20:30 Firewind opened up the show with the opening and title track of their new album (Allegiance). Big contrast with last time when the people at opener Nevermore refused to move in any way. This time everyone was clapping and jumping along. A welcome change! ;). somewhere around the third song Firewind's vocalist told us he would be back and the instrumentalists remained onstage. An amazingly beautiful instrumental peace followed, it sounded really melo-death-y and featured some amazing leads, courtesy of greek guitar hero Gus G (of Nightrage fame, he also played with Arch Enemy on their Ozzfest stint and some other bands) The piece ended with a drum solo which only added to the number of smiles in the crowd. When Firewind ended everyone was really fired up for...

    I have to say, in between shows they played some really cool music as I was very surprised to hear the likes of Death and even Cynic (!!!) coming through the speakers, this sure made the waiting seem really short, when the lights dimmed for the first time, there still seemed to be some problems, as no introtape followed. Then after a few minutes we could finally hear the stormy weather of what sounded like ... SLAYER!#@! :D .. Slayer's 'Raining Blood' was the intro tape for the DragonForce show, how awesome is that, this did however encourage the moshers to even turn it up a notch, my foot still hurts today :( .. The show was worth it though, big time! Everyone who ever witnessed these guys live knows that they are not your average band. They are bycicle kicking, jumping, running, interacting, fucking maniacs :D and that's basicly only the keyboard player, om _ F _ g the keyboard player :) Vadim Pruzhanov is a nutcase, there's no other way to describe it, I could write this entire journal about him. Someone who has witnessed DragonForce in a clubshow before most likely remembers the keyboard piece with the kind of Hardcore beat in the background, it's soooo amazingly funny it almost made me cry :D.

    The other guys were also very funny (and drunk? :P). Sam took up a lot of mic time and shared some very interesting *cough* stories with us which got rewarded with lots of middle fingers, much to the enjoyment of vocalist ZP Theart. ZP was in an awesome shape yesterday. He sounded amazing and really seemed to enjoy his time on stage. The band as a whole also sounded amazing, although I do believe that, thanks to the speed and extremeness of the music, some musical parts got lost in a wall of sound every now and then, but it didn't really bother me.

    Before 'Through the Fire and the Flames' ZP split the crowd in half, doing some old school shouting stuff with us before he let the whole thing collapse as soon as the song started, must have been amazing to watch from the balcony. The climax of the evening became a very funny affair, during one of Herman's solo's in 'Valley of the Damned' the guitar sound went dead all of a sudden. Now all these guys are looking at each other as Herman is still trying to tap his guitar to get it to make some noise. Sam was interacting with the crowd, asked us if we still wanted them to finish the set or if we had other suggestions. Some people started yelling for a drumsolo which got commented with "every song is a fucking drum solo" and "drum solo's are the gayest kind of solo's" :D it was like comedy hour on there until finally they got some guitars WITH sound so they could finish the set :D, amazing show by a band which I'm not the biggest fan of on album (I still like them, just not that much) but there live shows are so amazing that you simply can't ignore 'em, AWESOME!

    Setlist DragonForce

    Black fire
    Fury of the storm
    Operation ground and pound
    Revolution deathsquad
    Keyboard solo (xDDDDD)
    Soldiers of the wasteland (full version!!!)
    Body breakdown
    My spirit will go on
    Through the fire and the flames
    Valley of the damned

    And finally, and not for the first time, nor hopefully the last, a big thanks to Bouwe (see friends list) who went with me, gracias m9z <3

    UP NEXT:
    (maybe) next saturday Axamenta with some other bands who are playing a Haloweennight @ Roden for only 3 euros (!)
    (maybe) 10/11/2006 - Evergrey (+Avatar) @ De Kade, Zaandam, NL
    (maybe) 18/11/2006 - Hatesphere (+Raunchy, Volbeat) @ Poppodium Romein, Leeuwarden, NL

    (definetly) 27/11/2006 Iron Maiden (+Trivium) @ Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, NL