Trouble Books...and other dream additions for 2009

    • Feyodor schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 21. Jan. 2009, 23:26

    Trouble Books...and other dream additions for 2009


    There hasn't been a thread here for a while so thought I'd kick something off seeing as the first part of the line up for this year has been released. To be honest there's not too much keeping me interested just yet apart from Eftkerlang, Bob Log III and Peter Broderick, but my friend insists Steve Earle will be good.

    There is an American band that I've fallen for called Trouble Books and I've heard they may be in Europe around the same time as EOTR this year. They're called Trouble Books and should be invited to play at this year's festival. They'd be perfect! Here's hoping.

    Follow this link for links to their music and a bit of blurb from their UK Record label.

    Seriously check them out and post your love right here. Please!

    I'd love to also love to see at EOTR this year:

    The Apples in Stereo
    Windsor for the Derby
    Euros Childs
    El Perro Del Mar
    The Ruby Suns
    The Shins
    The War on Drugs

    Who's on your wish list?

    • ewanhale schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 27. Jan. 2009, 22:56
    I'm looking forward to William Elliott Whitmore, and Efterklang come highly recommended so I guess I've been missing out on them... I'd also love to see any, no, all of the following added....

    Rachel Goodrich
    Miracle Fortress
    Deer Tick
    Stars And Sons
    Peter And The Wolf

    Enjoying Trouble Books too! Thanks for the link!

    I was going to add links but they're all easily found inside the Googles. I was also going to add TV On The Radio, who I only just bothered to listen to and are topping the EOTR Group chart this week.

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