Your Ebullition Collection

    • xspikex schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 8. Sep. 2005, 18:24

    Your Ebullition Collection

    Hey guys
    I`m wondering what releases you all have from this classy dudes out of Goleta.

    For myself,i just got Ebullition #54 today,which is the Policy of 3 Anthology.
    It`s my first one.
    But since Ebullition has one of the cheapest wholesale prices around i`m going to buy as much Ebullition as i can.
    I couldnt buy any other release prior to this because they are temporary out of stock alot.

  • I refuse to buy vinyl so what I have is limited to CD releases. I'm not going to bother to go through what I have of there's but I will say make sure you get the Orchid, Julia and Still Life stuff Ebullition has put out. Also the XXX: Some Ideas Are Poisonous comp is ridiculously amazing. Oh and if you like the Policy Of Three jams check out Amber Inn.

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 9. Sep. 2005, 17:43
    i'm a recovering downloading addict, so most of what i had i downloaded, but i bought an amber inn seven inch a few months ago when i went to portland...

    - all of the compilations
    - policy of 3 anthology
    - moss icon "it disappears"
    - fuel "monuments to excess"
    - los crudos/spitboy "split"
    - amber inn "serenity in hand" 7 inch
    - julia "self-titled"
    - econochrist "discography"
    - torches to rome "self-titled"
    - amber inn "all roads still lead home"
    - bread and circuits "self-titled"
    - yaphet kotto "the killer was in.."
    - orchid "chaos is me"
    - orchid "dance tonight"
    - yaphet kotto "syncopated"
    - orchid "self-titled"
    - yage "anders leben!?"

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    • geisskid schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Dez. 2008, 10:27
    Amber Inn - All Roads Lead Home (Ebullition 199?)
    Amber Inn - Self Titled (Ebullition)
    Ampere - All Our Tomorrows Ends Today (Ebullition 2004)
    Ampere / Sinaloa - split (Ebullition 2006)
    Bleed - True Colors Running ep (Ebullition)
    Born And Razed - Holy Wars (Ebullition 199?) for trade
    Bread And Circuits - s/t (Ebullition 2000) for trade
    havesBread And Circuits - s/t (Ebullition 2000, orange vinyl w/silkscreened cover 316 made)
    havesDowncast - s/t (Ebullition 199?) 12" for trade
    havesDowncast - s/t (Ebullition)
    Econochrist - Skewed (Ebullition)
    Econochrist - Trained To Serve (Ebullition 199?, green col, w/ silkscreened cover)
    End of The Line - s/t (Ebullition 199?)
    Ex-Ignota - Lazarus Is Back To Report (Ebullition)
    Failure Face - All Pain No Gain (Ebullition, Daybreak)
    Fuel - Monuments to Excess (Ebullition 1990 - 3000 pressed)
    Iconoclast - Groundlessness of Relief ( Ebullition 1994)
    Iconoclast - s/t (Ebullition 1993)
    Incurable Complaint - s/t (Ebullition)
    Ivich - La Vie Devant (Ebullition)
    Jara - s/t (Ebullition) for trade
    Julia - s/t (Ebullition 199?)
    Manrae - Pacata Hibernia (Ebullition 1995)
    Manumission - Mastery of the universe (Ebullition /Sovereignty)
    Manumission - s/t (Ebullition)
    Moss Icon - It Disappears (Ebullition / Vermin Scum)
    Orchid - Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! (Ebullition, Transparent Red col.)
    Orchid - gatefold (Ebullition 2002, red col)
    Portraits of Past - 01010101 (Ebullition 1995/96, Clear Blue col., w/ silkscreened cover)
    Reversal of Man - This is Medicene (Ebullition)
    Reversal of Man / Los Crudos (Ebullition)
    Sawhorse - s/t (Ebullition 1992)
    Sawpit - punk rock president (Vernacular / Ebullition)
    Still Life - From Angry Heads with Skywards Eyes 2xLP (Ebullition 1994)
    Struggle - s/t (Ebullition 199?)
    This Machine Kills - Death in the Audobon Ballroom (Ebullition, white col. 569 made)
    Torches To Rome - s/t (Ebullition 199?)
    V/A - 3/12/93 (Ebullition 1994, /w Sinker, John Henry West, Manumission, Not for the Lack of Trying)
    V/A - Amnesia (Ebullition) (w/ Three studies for a crucifixion, Silence Equals, In/Humanity, Scout, Stephen Hero, Thumbnail, Car vs. Driver, Failure Face, Ordination of Aaron, Wellington, Ipecac, Lybernum)
    /A - Give Me Back (Ebullition, w/ Amenity, Desiderata, Seein` Red, Spitboy, End of The Line, Man Lifting Banner, Born Against, Econochrist, Profax, Suckerpunch, Sawhorse, Struggle, Bikini Kill, Downcast)
    /A - Heartattack #10 (Ebullition, w/ Amber Inn, Incurable Complaint, Fisticuffs Bluff, Jihad, K.A.S.H., Shotmaker, Ex-Ignota, Manrae, Skyscraper, Loomis Slovak, Union of Uranus)
    /A - Illiterate (Ebullition w/ Gnezl drei, Wounded knee, Nothing remains, Condense, Ivich, Kina, Finger print, Voorhees, Ego trip, Abolition, Blindfold, Married to a murderer, Hypocritical society)
    V/A - XXX: Some Ideas Are Poisonous 2xLP(Ebullition, w/ Monster X, Via, Well Away, Frail, Pogrom, Groundwork, Portraits Of Past, Policy Of 3, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavour, None Left Standing)
    Yage - Anders Leben (Ebullition 2003)
    Yaphet Kotto - Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love (Ebullition 2001)
    Yaphet Kotto - The Killer Was In The Government Blankets (Ebullition 199?, green vinyl w/silkscreened cover)
    Yaphet Kotto - We Bury our Dead alive (Ebullition 2004)

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