Dutch stoner rock/metal.

  • Dutch stoner rock/metal.

    Hails from Siberia, folks!
    I was wondering, if some of you could recommend me some Dutch stoner-doom, stoner-rock, ahwellyougetthepoint, besides Heavy Lord and Floodstain, as I am lead to believe there is quite a stoner scene you have there!

    Thanks in advance!

    It's never too early to talk with your band about deathcore.
  • Forgot!

    Oh, and also besides Toner Low.

    It's never too early to talk with your band about deathcore.
  • Well, try these:
    Zeus (stoner rock)
    Barbarella (stoner rock)
    Celestial Season (earlier work = doom, later work = stoner)
    Officium Triste (doom metal)

    Satan is my lapdog
    • dpdd schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 15. Sep. 2009, 19:09
    mary bell, tank 86, the machine, 35007, 7zuma7, gomer pyle, the devil's blood are among the best

    then you also have the massacrista, troy torino, hooghwater and a couple more

    and of course the before mentioned. especially toner low; my favorite stoner band from around here

  • definately try Toner Low. also, my own band, The Druid

    my personal project, stoner/jazz/doom
    • camdesert schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 24. Jan. 2012, 10:17

    StonerFest in Terneuzen !!!

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