Welcome to Industry

    • Paul_Sch schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 2. Sep. 2006, 8:50

    Welcome to Industry

    At first sorry for my english.
    Ok, lets go..
    I`m glad to see new faces in my group..
    Just so U know, at this forum there are no closed themes for you..
    Create new themes and discuss, because it will help us to save and receive new knowledge.

    Thanks =)

  • Hi Paul. Thank you for creating such important forum, as we should to discuss about the drum 'n bass scene (I don't think it is a industry because differently to other music scenes, we are more foccused on the 'music' and not in the 'industry' at least here in Brazil).
    I suggest to who wants to discuss about it, to talk about the drum 'n bass local scene and we can share experiences and learn what works or not ;)

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