Soul Cannon's Kaboom now on for full preview

    • soucano schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 27. Aug. 2008, 21:44

    Soul Cannon's Kaboom now on for full preview

    Here's What some people say:

    Soul Cannon doesn’t fit neatly into any boxes. It’s the exact opposite of today’s ring-tone hip hop.”
    -BMore Live

    Soul Cannon is analog indie hip hop that you can get down with no matter your scene. Check out “What’s Real” and tell me you disagree. If your spirit isn’t lifted by this song, go back to your emo records and keep sleeping.”
    -Any Given Tuesday

    “…a band that is at once pure jazz tinged indie rock and political hip hop…rhymes are surrounded by a killer rhythm section that alternates between straightforward, backbeat-laden hip hop and Sonic Youth-esque noise and space drones.”

    But fuck all that and go hear it for yourself!!

    -Soul Cannon

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