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This group is for all Dominic Purcell's Fans feel free to join us!

Name : Dominic Purcell
Birth Name : Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell
Date of Birth : 17 February 1970
Place of Birth : England, UK
Height : 6' 1''
Nationality : British
Profession : Actor
Sometimes Called : Domenic Purcell

At the age of two, Dominic and his family moved from England to Sydney's Bondi and then moved to the Western Suburbs. After becoming a landscape gardener he soon tired of the profession and whilst watching the war movie Platoon decided to become an actor. Due to his working class background acting seemed a very unlikely choice of career so he didnt pursue it until sometime later. He studied at The Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and then later enrolled at the Western Australian Academy of Performing arts where he met his future wife Rebecca and studied with Hugh Jackman. In 1997 Dominic scored a role in TV series RAW FM and then landed a part in Mission Impossible 2, which was filmed in Australia. He was soon spotted by a US talent scout and went off to LA. Since then Dominic has been working constantly with roles in the movie Equillibrium, the tv show John Doe, Blade 3:Trinity and in the upcoming thriller 3-Way and a new police television drama, Strut.

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