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Every week a new album is choosen (by members of drownedinsound.com) members of this group/club then proceed to listen and discuss the album. Think of it as a music 'book' club, a great way to find...

Every week the is a new album to be listend to (as choosen by members of http://www.drownedinsound.com) this is the group that will allow general moderation,discussion and updates easier.

So far we have done: Sleater-Kinney, Lightning Bolt, DNTEL, The Icarus Line, Mansun, De La Soul, Plus/Minus, Fear Before The March Of The Flames, Anathallo, Modest Mouse, Portugal. The Man, Black Eyes, Hello Saferide, The Blood Brothers, Little Feat, Silver Jews, The Whitest Boy Alive, Cass Mccombs & we are currently on David Bowie

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