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Italian born Daniela Galli, in art DHANY, is generally considered to be one of the best white soul voices on the dance scene.
She starts singing in 1993 and performs for the three following years in several very iportant clubs of Italy, as the leader of some famous funky and acid-jazz band.
After this trining period, in 1995 Dhany joins the italian record company Off Limits, producing, with the studio group KMC, the two hot dance-soul singles “Somebody to touch me” and “Street life”, both of which reach high positions in the European club chart.
At the same time, Dhany works as songwriter and background singer for many famous italian artists and she takes part in several big musical comedies with main roles.
The 1997 is the year of her solo’ debut: the first single “DHA DHA TUNE” (with dazzling video to match) confirms her identity in the international dance scene and her presence in the european dancefloors.
In 1999, with the second single “QUIERO RESPIRAR” she shows new abilities of performer in switching between English and Spanish with ease and grace and touch of “caliente” soul. The song becomes a smash hit in South America.
Her third solo single “Shut up” is also released with substantial lub chart success.
In 2000 we can admire once again her versatility in the interpretation of “I WANNA BE FREE”, debut single of the equipe MUMM.
In 2001, she restarts her collaboration with the group KMC, writing and interpreting “I feel so fine”, which dominates the club charts the world over and goes high into the UK sales charts.
All through her career, Dhany protracts also a tireless activity of songwriter, writing music and lyrics for Whigfield, Ann Lee, In-grid and Benny Benassi.
In 2004 she begins her collaboration with the Benassi Bros. team, co-writing most of the tracks of the first album “PumPhonia” and interpreting the single “Hit My Heart” (accompanied by a hot video shot in Rio de Janeiro), which becomes a megahit in the French sales and club charts. “PumPhonia” reaches the gold album in France.
In 2005 Dhany has been touring in France, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albany, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and Tunisia.
After two years featuring some of the most popular hits of Benassi Bros. (“Make me feel”, “Every single day” and Rocket in the sky” - extract from “…Phobia”, Benassi Bros.’ second album), Dhany comes back with a new solo single “Miles of Love”, a powerful track produced by the two famous cousins (Benny and Alle Benassi).

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