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The pre-digital recording generation produced huge amounts of tapes and vinyls that are endagered.

We want to put those artist in focus before they are forgotten or their recordings are lost....

Welcome to the Demo Tapes group.

This group was started for those who have demo tapes and records, especially from the 50s - 90s.

This group conserns itself mainly with recordings that are home made and on endangered media, tapes and vinyl mainly, but cds are beginning to deteriorate too (atleast they are easily digitized) and must be adressed to some extent.

You may talk whatever concerns these things, but do not deviate too far from this subject.

REMEMBER: Old amateur demo recordings are still owned by their creators. Even recordings not available any longer fall under applicable copyright laws where you live. Also respect the creators and show them appreciation, monetary as well if they demand so.

We support the copying and preservation of these recordings, but profit should not be made of it without the consent of the composers.

Some collected demo tape rips can be streamed from ANYWHERE.FM

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