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Gegründet am: 16. Dez. 2005
This group is for those devoutly inspired by the ritualistic, primitive and relentlessly destructive musical force and way of life known as underground metal.

It is about channeling a nihilistic knowledge through the patterns of life that are paralleled in metal. It is about a rejection of populist thought and an embrace of the bleak reality that scorns the wanton meekness, tolerance and excess, instead worshiping power and uninhibited conflict. It is about uncovering the self-evident reality that lies beneath our very eyes and whispers at us, beckoning to hear. It is about stopping to think about our place in the universe, our insignificance and temporality. It is about rejecting the surface and instead desiring to see the core of existence, warts and all. Cultivating a curiosity and penchant for discovering truth. Taking pleasure in what nature has brought us by rejecting the crass materialism and vain narcissism of our times. Recognizing that the pariahs of contemporary civilization are its saviors - their very truths decried by common man precisely for their accuracy. Once we step outside the monotony, the moral nihilism that Nietzsche predicted would come into fruition, that decadence, that narcissistic self-praise, solipsism and self-absorbed fatalism, we may realize that truth has already been discovered and that it is our purpose to simply rediscover it by taking the hammer to everything that does not stand up to our aggressive scrutiny.

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