David Fincher

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Filmography :

•Alien 3 (1992)
•Se7en (1995)
•The Game (1997)
•Fight Club (1999)
•Panic Room (2002)
•Zodiac (2006)
•The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2007)
•Torso (2008)

Music Videos :

•"Dance This World Away" Rick Springfield (1984)
•"Celebrate Youth" Rick Springfield (1984)
•"Bop Til You Drop" Rick Springfield (1984)
•"Shame" The Motels (1985)
•"Shock" The Motels (1985)
•"All The Love" The Outfield (1986)
•"Every Time You Cry" The Outfield (1986)
•"One Simple Thing" The Stabilizers (1986)
•"She Comes On" Wire Train (1987)
•"Should She Cry" Wire Train (1987)
•"Endless Nights" Eddie Money (1987)
•"Downtown Train" Patty Smyth (1987)
•"I Don't Mind At All" Bourgeois Tagg (1987)
•"Notorious" Loverboy (1987)
•"Love Will Rise Again" Loverboy (1987)
•"Johnny B" The Hooters (1987)
•"Storybook Story" Mark Knopfler (1987)
•"Can I Hold You" Colin Hay (1987)
•"No Surrender" The Outfield (1987)
•"Say You Will" Foreigner (1987)
•"Don't Tell Me The Time" Martha Davis (1987)
•"Tell It To the Moon" Martha Davis (1988)
•"Heart of Gold" Johnny Hates Jazz (1988)
•"Englishman in New York" Sting (1988)
•"Shattered Dreams" Johnny Hates Jazz (1988)
•"Get Rhythm" Ry Cooder (1988)
•"Most of All" Jody Watley (1988)
•"Roll With It" Steve Winwood (1988)
•"The Way That You Love Me" Paula Abdul (1988)
•"Holding On" Steve Winwood (1988)
•"Heart" Neneh Cherry (1989)
•"Bamboleo" Gypsy Kings (1989)
•"Straight Up" Paula Abdul (1989)
•"Most Of All" Jody Watley (1989)
•"Real Love" Jody Watley (1989)
•"Bamboleo" Gypsy Kings (1989)
•"She's A Mystery To Me" Roy Orbison (1989)
•"Forever Your Girl" Paula Abdul (1989)
•"Express Yourself" Madonna (1989)
•"The End Of The Innocence" Don Henley (1989)
•"Cold Hearted" Paula Abdul (1989)
•"Oh Father" Madonna (1989)
•"Janie's Got a Gun" Aerosmith (1989)
•"Vogue" Madonna (1990)
•"Cradle of Love" Billy Idol (1990)
•"L.A. Woman" Billy Idol (1990)
•"Freedom '90" George Michael (1990)
•"Bad Girl" Madonna (1993)
•"Who Is It?" Michael Jackson (1993)
•"Love Is Strong" The Rolling Stones (1994)
•"6th Avenue Heartache" The Wallflowers (1996)
•"Judith" A Perfect Circle (2000)
•"Only" Nine Inch Nails (2005)

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