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Discussion of electronic, experimental, and independent oddities. Related to Cyclic Defrost Magazine and the...

Cyclic Defrost 26 is out now!

Issue 26 has a cover by Eli Murray plus interviews with gentleforce, Horrorshow & Spit Syndicate; retrospectives on Clan Analogue and Room 40, and exposes of the Brisbane experimental music scene and Sydney’s underground punk venues. Ozi Batla rounds out the issue with his favourite records whilst Gentleforce tells us about his favourite record covers.

Online there are over 250 reviews for this issue as well as online-only interviews with Nosaj Thing, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Rosalind Hall, and DOS4GW and the West Coast Aussie scene.

Online version -
PDF version -

The print version can be collected at a wide range of independent record stores around Australia but if you'd like one (and the next two issues also) delivered direct to your letterbox then the best thing to do is to make a 'subscription donation'. Everyone who does this gets *at least* one bonus randomly selected CD with their subscription . . . .

You can do this online at

This is the best way of ensuring you get a copy and also it really helps keep the magazine afloat.

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