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Gegründet am: 5. Apr. 2010
People that are addicted to tagging music on Members vote on new members. You already know if you are one of us.

Before anyone is admitted into the group all other members will have to vote on the new members. I encourage all members to look into anyone that has requested to join the group to make sure they conduct themselves in a positive light. Meaning, we don't want anyone on here that will be rude to others or leave innapropriate shouts while representing the Cybert@ggers group. Please do not try to join unless you are a committed tagger. Most of us are addicted to tagging tags if that gives you a clearer understanding. Addicted but with ethics. No trolls and pissed off taggers that tag incorrectly to create confusion are not welcomed here. Once you join share some of the tags that you use. Feel free to discuss any ideas you have.

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