Not just music! Cars toooo

  • Not just music! Cars toooo

    I myself am a fan of cars, working on them and all that junk, but more specific to Honda. So if you got a honda n want to just share, chat about it, ask questions, do it. Ill start off, i got a 2000 Integra GSR white, fully built for turbo on 8:8 pistons full type r interior and the motor is a US type r as well. My second honda is my 04 Si hatch, k24 tsx swapped working on getting a supercharger.

    Whos next? Lol

    Keeps it easy Weeeezy n make sure to keep smokin the dizzy diz-ankkk. Cali n Col. you are the states the US should idiolize itself off of. Learn something for once !!!
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