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  • Elliot Whale Boy - Math Rock/Puzzlepop/ Bristol uk

    Elliot Whale Boy

    hello, and how are we all then? ive decided to start this thread as ive been graced with the king pin of last fm, who happens to run the forums, im fairly new to last fm, i have my band which i would love to share with you, but im afraid of turning into a spammer! and spammers wear big trousers!

    we are a 5 peice - best described as puzzle pop/math rock band, from plymouth, but we now reside in bristol, please check us out just type us in the search bit, we are slowly making a nem for ourselves and have supported some bigger acts,but as anyone in a band knows, even though its what you want to do 24/7 work and other ties always get in the way, we are hoping to pick up some momentum with our first 2 proper releases!

    we are releasing a single on 7 inch vintl & internet distrabution, on 28th april, we will kick this off supporting rolo tomassi in bristol

    we will have press coverage and then wanna hit everyone again with the second release!

    please leave your feedback and talk and show me your music,

    i have a massive feeling inside me and i cant explain it, its like a constant energy waiting to be released, never feels like i can get it out my system!

    apart from this band, to tame myself i make solo music, which is new to me as im a drummer by heart, but im trying my hand at bass/singing/backing vox/guitar/production/keys

    if you would like to listen go here

    steve strong solo page

    and come listen to us whales on the myspace if thats ur tipple!

    please feel free to add me on here or myspace and talk!

    thanks guys

    and to the kingpin of lastfm

    elliot whale boy on the spazz

    listen to elliot whale boy www.myspace.com.elliotwhaleboy
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