Colourful Life

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    • 18. Mär. 2008, 14:24

    Colourful Life

    Cajun Dance Party are set to release two albums in 2008.
    Their debut album ‘The Colourful Life' will be released on 28th April 2008 on XL Recordings.

    The nine track album, which will be available on CD, 12" vinyl and digital download, will feature the band's previous, sold out limited-edition singles ‘The Next Untouchable' and ‘Amylase', plus forthcoming single ‘The Race' which is due for release on 21st April.

    Talking about their two album plan, Cajun Dance Party frontman Daniel Blumberg said: "We're very proud of our debut album. It's taken a long time but now it's done, we just want people to hear these songs as soon as possible. We will only ever release music we're fiercely proud of but we do not want it to grow stagnant to ourselves. We understand a band has to do certain things to get music to as many as people as possible, but right now we're finishing school and are well underway with the second record. The recording sessions went really well and we've got a whole batch of new songs which we want to start playing and recording too - the thought of waiting till we've finished school to get this debut out would have stalled the creative process. That's the last thing we want to do."

    The tracklisting for The Colourful Life is as follows:

    1. Colourful Life
    2. The Race
    3. Time Falls
    4. The Next Untouchable
    5. No Joanna
    6. Amylase
    7. The Firework
    8. Buttercups
    9. The Hill, The View & The Lights

  • Hopefully with two albums being released this year, the second one will have more new songs on it!

  • The albums really shit and dissapointing :( :( :(

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    • Benutzer
    • 30. Apr. 2008, 22:16
    You think so?

    I quite like it! No Joanna is great, and the new recordings of the demos are really good.

    The real test, however, will be the second album.

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