• Drummer/Drum Programmer Wanted - West Midlands

    5. Jul. 2010, 12:21 von KingySilvers

    Drummer or someone to program beats (18+) on a sequencer or laptop needed in the Birmingham (specifically Walsall) area for a punk/post-hardcore band. Influences:
    At the Drive-In
    Blood Brothers
    Bad Brains
    Drive Like Jehu
    Hot Snakes
    Fucked Up
    The Mars Volta
    That Fucking Tank
    Rolo Tomassi
    Hot Water Music
    The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower

    Right, that's enough whoring for hits, you get the general idea. Just drop me a message if you're interested!

  • Spotify

    18. Mai. 2010, 12:00 von KingySilvers

    So I've been using Spotify at home and work for a fair few months now, I'd received an invite around 12 months ago and had a quick play but it all seemed fairly weak, adverts + not enough music = an unhappy me.

    Luckily I gave it another go and I must say it's bloody brilliant, loads of music, especially as there seems to have been a focus on the more obscure and unusual, the opposite route from the one iTunes seems to be taking.

    Here is the crux of the problem though, I use the free version, the ads are infrequent enough to be bearable and I have unlimited listen time, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who is using it in this way too. With a loss of $4m last year and that amazing statistic that Lady Gaga (*spits*) made $104 for 1 million plays this is all starting to feel like Napster did 8 years (!) ago, great cheap fun that the arse will fall out of before you know it due to pressure from the industry.

    I will try and justify a premium membership again next month, sure the iPhone app does look great, but is it £120 a year great? Time will tell...
  • Spamcore

    23. Aug. 2008, 15:19 von MarshallStaxx

    After being spammed by Lavondyss' label, Wolf At Your Door Records, and being sick of seeing spam messages by aforementioned label in literally hundreds of artist's shoutboxes, I protested against the shitty and unethical marketing tactics employed by the band's label in Lavondyss' shoutbox.

    The guy that uses spams as wolfatyourdoor got all butthurt and demanded that I removed all negative comments about Lavondyss from

    I refused, he got more butthurt.

    Now I have received this unsolicited correspondence from someone connected to the band (probably their dad). When are Lavondyss and their brand of insipid haircut spamcore going to fuck off out of my general earshot?

    TAG AS .
  • Raein tearing through Tigersuit

    26. Jul. 2008, 12:37 von MarshallStaxx

    This video of their best song, Tigersuit, was filmed at a show in Leeds during Raein's 2005 UK tour. Amazing footage, every show should be as visceral and passionate as this, no separation between artist and audience, physical or mental.

    If you don't get shivers up your spine whilst watching this, you are a dead and spineless fuck. Or you just don't like Raein.