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Bowiefest 2011 is a group dedicated to gathering support for the idea of a large worldwide Bowie fan get together in which we celebrate the life and work of the greatest musician of all time.

This message goes out to all the David Bowie fans of Last.FM! How many of you would like to be a part of a worldwide event that celebrates Bowie's music and career? I would explain it further myself, but I believe these lovely ladies say it better.
(Taken from the LiveJournal community Bowie_Daily)

"This is an important message for all of David Bowies adoring fans. Angela and I have been working on an idea for a massive Bowie celebration gathering. A celebration of Bowies life and his work, a Bowiefest if you will. We are not talking about a small gathering in the back of some building for 30 people we are talking a mass scale get together. Of worldwide proportions. A sort of Bowie Woodstock.

This will be a place where all of Bowie's fans can get together and talk about David and dress up and sing, dance, and have a marvelous time. This is also a great way for Bowies younger fans, like me, who never got to see him in his hay day have a chance to get together with older fans and older fans to collaborate with other fans their age. This would be all about fun and harmony and remembering and honoring someone who has touched all of our lives in ways we cannot possibly describe. An event like this has been long overdue and we feel it is it time to get the ball rolling. First let me say that we are completely serious about putting forth the effort to get this going and hopefully accomplished and we are going to see it through to its end. We are working on a plan of strategy right now and what we need before ANYTHING can be done about this is to test the waters and see how much, and if there is enough, interest to propel this idea forward. This is where you guys come into play.

We are starting here on face book and getting together people who are interested in this idea. The only thing we can do to get this on the move is get enough support to get it on the map an noticed. We need YOUR support to get this moving. We are going to try and get enough people on face book interested and motivated to participate and use that as sort of leverage for places like Bowie Net and Bowie Home and gain their support for the idea.

We are not asking for money we just need people to come together in a big enough group for this idea to make waves. INTEREST and SUPPORT is going to be what sets this idea into motion to begin with. So we need your help to create something that people would be able to look back on and say yeah I was at Bowiefest 2011, it was amazing! It would take a while to get this going and organized and funded but with your support we could get the push we needed to get this idea rolling. What you need to do is forward this message to ALL, and we mean ALL! It will take all of us to get this phenomenal event off the ground. We need every Bowie fan world wide to support this movement to be successful! When you receive this message you then respond to either Angela or myself leaving your name and your support then forward it to ALL your friends as well. Keep it moving people. David has millions of friends on face book and we want to reach them all! We are creating a group on face book in support of the idea as well. When you get this please look up the group Bowiefest 2011 and join. Send it to all of your friends as well. We will be sending out invites to all of you too.

Once we have a couple million members or so then we hit Bowie Net and Bowie Home and all his other fan sites for their support, and we keep moving up the chain of command. For those of you who receive this on you tube and do not have a face book account please send a message back in return with your name and dont forget to forward it to all of your friends on there as well. This is going to require massive support from all of you but Angela and I are willing to put forth the effort to gather the supporters and plan this thing to the last detail. All we need you to do is click join and you can help create the best Bowie fan concert of all time.

We should say now that this is not an attempt to draw David out of retirement or to try and entice him to come. Its not like that. We will make sure that the idea is at least known to him but we are not promising he will be there. But you never know. If we get enough support and this turns into a big enough event, well you know David, hes always full of surprises. We plan on this event taking place over something like three days. Part of our plan is once we get the support from you guys and actually get this idea into action, we hope to gain the support of some other artists and musicians who would be willing to provide live entertainment. I.e. David Brighton, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, and others who have been influenced by David and would like to celebrate his life and works with us. Brighton is the first on our list because we feel he would be really into supporting this and would be a great person to have around.

Please all we ask is that you click Join Group. Also if you receive this message multiple times we are sorry about that but were really just trying to get the word out there. We need all the support we can get. Lets all make this happen guys! Lets makes this happen because well it just needs to."

Facebook Group: Bowiefest 2011
Youtube Channel: BOWIEFEST (send replies to message to JarethTheGlitterBoy)
Myspace Profile: Bowiefest 2011
Twitter Page: Bowiefest

Our sincere thanks!

Ashlee Couch
Angela Victoria"
If you would like/love to see this kind of even happen, please do whatever you can to help make this dream a reality! If you have a Facebook/MySpace/YouTube account, please join the linked groups above. Even if you don't have accounts on those sites, tell Bowie fans you know that are on those sites to join. Please try to spread the word as much as possible so we can create an event no Bowie fan will forget!

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